4 Reasons Radiation Therapy at a Singapore Clinic is a Treatment Option

4 Reasons Radiation Therapy at a Singapore Clinic is a Treatment Option

Most radiation therapy does not reach every part of the body and does not help treat cancer that has spread. However, it can still treat many types of cancer either alone or in combination with other treatments. Radiation therapy at a clinic in Singapore or hospital is often the treatment of choice for the following reasons.

#1 Addressing Early Stage Cancer

Research has shown that when anti-cancer drugs and radiation are given together for certain types of cancer. Medications and radiation therapy at a clinic or hospital can help each other work better. Specific drugs help the radiation work better by making cancer cells more sensitive to radiation.

#2 Prevent Recurrence

Your oncologist might recommend receiving radiation therapy for cancerous masses, especially if it is in a single area. It can help prevent cancer from spreading, especially if the location is close. Focused radiation treatments, like brachytherapy, at a clinic or hospital in Singapore focus on a single part of the body to minimise potential risks.

#3 Treat Symptoms

There are times that the cancer is too widespread. However, you can still treat some cancerous masses to make them smaller for the person to feel better. Receiving radiation therapy at a reputable clinic in Singapore might help relieve pain, trouble swallowing or breathing, or bowel blockages due to advanced cancer. It is called palliative radiation.

#4 Treatment for Recurrences

Getting radiation therapy at a clinic in Singapore after recurrence depends on many factors. Receiving radiotherapy is impossible if the recurrence location was a target area in a past treatment. The possibility also depends on the amount of radiation before. Some tumours do not respond as well to radiation, so radiation might not be an option even if they recur. Thoroughly consult with your oncologist about viable treatment options and how it affects your day-to-day activities.

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