Back Pain? 5 Signs You Need A Physiotherapy in Singapore

Back Pain? 5 Signs You Need A Physiotherapy in Singapore

The back pain you feel might be more than the consequences of working most of the day. Although it is common for normal back discomfort caused by everyday activities such as sitting for long periods, there can be other reasons.

Have you considered visiting the city for an osteopathy or physiotherapy clinic in Singapore? Many people in their 20s and 30s often dismiss the warning signs thinking all it needs is rest. To help you decide if you should see a doctor, here are some of what you should check.

  1. High fever

If you’re experiencing back discomfort and an unresponsive temperature, you may be suffering from a more severe infection. Patients experiencing back pain may need physiotherapy in Singapore to address why they are experiencing a fever.

  1. Recurring pain

Usually, back pain will go away in a few days, but if it persists for more than a week, you should see a doctor. Early detection and intervention are critical when it comes to many health issues. Consider visiting nearby and accessible osteopathy clinics in CBD.

  1. You feel a tingling sensation

The numbness or the tingling is often a sign of nerve irritation or damage. If left untreated, nerve discomfort can lead to severe disability. Before you visit one, know how much a physiotherapy visit in Singapore will cost.

  1. Bladder discomfort

An inability to urinate may indicate a significant nerve compression or cauda equina syndrome. If you leave the pain and the incontinence happening over the next few weeks, this illness might permanently harm the nerves. You can address back pain through physiotherapy in Singapore.

  1. Sudden weight loss

There are many reasons for drastic weight loss, but it can also be because of back pain. Consult a medical professional to rule out anything more serious, including an infection or tumour.

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Paul Proulx