Lymphatic Drainage Massage: 5 FAQs You Should Know

Massages are one of the most enjoyable non-invasive treatments since it allows you to relax your body while addressing conditions. Some women either get a womb massage or breast massage. Some people get one of the most popular today, a lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore.

There is an emphasis on lymphatics, which are part of the immune system, in this method. It uses long, gentle strokes in a rhythmic pattern to help the lymphatic system operate properly again.

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1. What happens when your lymphatic system is malfunctioning?

Lymphatic fluid and toxins can accumulate, putting your body at risk for developing diseases. It can lead to infections and skin damage. A lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore can stimulate your body by stroking the skin to help transfer fluid from swollen areas.

2. Who is most likely to benefit from lymphatic drainage massage?

People with lymphedema, ailments of the skin, intestinal issues and arthritis can benefit from having this massage. Besides this, moxibustion in Singapore is another therapeutic option that stimulates your body’s vitality to achieve health and well-being.

3. What are the signs you need lymphatic drainage massage?

The signs are bloating, weight gain, unrelenting drowsiness, inflamed lymph nodes and many more. If you experience any or all of the following symptoms regularly, you may need to get a lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore.

4. What happens during the lymphatic drainage massage?

The therapist will use various massage methods such as relaxing, stroking, compression and cupping during the massage. Like getting a breast massage in Singapore, therapists don’t typically pressure the area but rather do light repetitive movements.

5. When should you get a lymphatic drainage massage?

In treating lymphedema and other health issues, lymph drainage massage is a helpful method. Consult your physician about this first. In any case, if you need additional stress-relieving treatment, consider a gua sha facial in Singapore.

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Martin Dupuis