Top 5 Delta 8 CBD Oil Brands in 2022

Top 5 Delta 8 CBD Oil Brands in 2022

Delta 8 is one of the leading CBD companies in the United States. Here are Top 5 Delta 8 Oil Brands and the best-selling products to watch for in 2022.

Delta 8 is one of the leading CBD Companies in the United States and know it’s having a good time in 2022. One of their top sellers is Delta 8’s Pain Relief Spray, which helps soothe everything from headaches to arthritis pains. Additionally, they have a product called Delta 8’s New York City Tonic with peppermint oil that can help calm nerves before public speaking or interviews, as well as an anti-nausea spray containing THC and caryophyllene that has been found to reduce feelings of sickness during chemotherapy treatment.

Delta 8’s CBD Oil

By the end of 2022, Delta 8 will be releasing a brand-new CBD oil, which is sold in 3 strengths and 3 flavors: Original, Signature and Flax. Although all three flavors are delicious, Signature and Flax are both blueberries.

Delta 8’s Pain Relief Spray

Another product that will most likely be popular in 2022 is Delta 8’s Pain Relief spray. It consists of three essential oils that can help ease pain: peppermint oil, lavender oil and vanilla extract. It comes in a battery-operated spray dispenser that is perfect for use on the go! The spray contains no THC and is absolutely vegan-friendly.

Delta 8’s New York City Tonic

A tincture that contains THC and caryophyllene is definitely going to be a hit with Delta 8’s customers in 2022. This compact spray comes in an attractive re-sealable bottle filled with several milliliters of oil which helps improve sleep, reduce pain and nausea, as well as reduce inflammation.

Delta 8’s Blueberry CBD Tincture

Delta 8 has a CBD tincture called Blueberry that comes in a 30 ml bottle and is ready to go in less than 60 seconds when you press the button on the top part of the bottle. It uses a 99.8 percent pure CBD isolate and is when mixed with agave or another sweetener, extremely tasty. It is also very affordable and less than $18 online.

Delta 8’s CBD Isolate in Vape Pens

One of the only CBD companies that sells their own disposable vape pens for CBD oil is Delta 8, whose brand name is Cannaflix and can be found in nearly 500 dispensaries across the country. There are four delicious flavors to choose from: Vanilla Creme, Juicy Peach, Wild Berries and Tropical Banana flavors.

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