How Can Pregnancy Massage Help with Fertility?

How Can Pregnancy Massage Help with Fertility?

Infertility is a tough issue to deal with, leaving countless aspiring parents dissatisfied, frustrated, and discouraged. Whether you are in this camp and the words “fertility massage” strike you with skepticism(and perhaps a bit of optimism), or you’re thinking about having a family soon and want to increase your chances, there’s no denying that a massage that could help you conceive is an intriguing notion.

Pregnancy massage is meant to improve the likelihood of pregnancy, whether fully spontaneously, with the use of supplements for either the male or female partner or with more medical treatment, where the hope of giving birth happens in a doctor’s office.

Infertility Causes

First, consider why people have a hard time trying to conceive in the first place. Infertility is frequently defined as being unable to conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse. It’s remedied using the assistance of a reproductive professional, who could identify the underlying cause of infertility and counsel hopeful parents on how to proceed with therapy.

Infertility affects both women and men and there are numerous reasons that could cause this condition.

In women, conditions with the fallopian tubes and endometriosis are among the most common reasons for infertility. Ovulation conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, together with cervical and uterine abnormalities could make it hard for them to conceive successfully.

What is a Fertility Massage?

What exactly is a fertility massage, anyway, and could it help you conceive? It’s a practice used by fertility experts seeking a unique way to help their customers in their efforts in getting pregnant.

Though the exact services used may vary a bit from each practitioner, the main concept is exactly the same throughout: A pregnancy massage promotes reproductive health. This therapy could lower stress levels, improve immune function, boost blood flow to your uterus, and help with hormonal balance.

Fertility message is essentially a deep tissue massage of a woman’s abdominopelvic area to boost circulation and is believed to improve fertility.


Fertility Massage and Unassisted Conception

If both of you are trying to naturally conceive, then we suggest fertility massage up to ovulation! No changes are needed. Of course, massage could be performed after giving birth, but we don’t conduct fertility massage then.

Fertility Massage and IUI or IVF

If you’re getting help from a doctor by getting an InVitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), you understand the significance of timing. A fertility massage could be performed up until ovulation for people who’ll get an IUI.

If you’re getting IVF, a fertility massage could be performed up until implantation, however, there’ll be some changes depending on your personal timeline. Up until the retrieval of eggs, we’ll skip the endocrine reflexology as you’ve got enough shots facilitating those organs, we don’t want to cause any more changes. Between retrieval of egg and implantation, we’ll still utilize the packs of castor oil and skip the endocrine reflexology areas.

We will also be careful of working with people undergoing IVF owing to the injections that you must administer to yourself. We will ask if there are any areas that are hurting as a result of those injections, but please don’t be afraid to speak out during a session.

Fertility Massage After Ovulation

We may certainly perform standard massage session work post ovulation, but we normally limit the deep abdominal work and reflexology related to fertility massage. While a massage won’t result in a miscarriage, we believe that the deeper abdominal treatment may make implantation more difficult. We use foot reflexology to stimulate the different endocrine and reproductive systems linked with pregnancy, and if conception has already happened, we do not believe it is essential to stimulate those organs anymore.

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