The Benefits of Concierge Medicine

The Benefits of Concierge Medicine

You can choose concierge medicine naples fl if you want to enjoy a personalized primary care service in exchange for a small monthly fee. The practice involves a limited number of patients your doctor chooses to be responsible for to ensure you get more time for healthcare and experience. You can begin care at concierge medicine Upper East Side to get preventive health services for better health and improved living. The discussion below discusses the benefits you can get from concierge medicine.

Short Waiting Periods

Choosing concierge primary care means you can easily access your provider in the shortest time possible. You can contact your doctor and get an appointment on the same day, and because you communicate often, you can know when your doctor will be available. Short waiting time means that your symptoms will not deteriorate as quickly as they do if you were to wait for an appointment at regular primary care. Additionally, you may not require advanced treatment because of worsening symptoms, as there will be little lost time.

Constant Access

You can access your doctor anytime, especially if you show vague symptoms that may not initially indicate urgent medical attention. Therefore, you may always call your doctor when you have doubts about concerns that arise between your last and next visits.

Better Relationship with Your Concierge Doctor

Regular appointments with your concierge doctor will likely lead to a better relationship full of trust and familiarity. Therefore, you may find it easier to follow preventive care instructions from your doctor and have improved well-being. Your doctor may also not see many patients, meaning you can get more time to address your health concerns. Additionally, your concierge doctor may understand your medical history better over time, making it easy to detect potential health issues.

A Variety of Primary Care Services

During a concierge visit, you can enjoy unlimited services, from physical exams to preventive screenings. Your doctor may perform blood work, urine tests, X-rays, and EKGs, among other diagnostic tests, to evaluate and give feedback on your current health. All services may have their fee under concierge care, so you may not have to pay for every visit. Additionally, you may get discounted prices for a combination of primary care services, making concierge care worthwhile. However, certain medical concerns, including surgeries, may need insurance coverage.

More Time with Your Doctor

Primary care visits take 15 minutes for every patient, meaning your provider may always have to work under this stipulated time. However, during a concierge visit, your doctor may take up to 35 minutes to talk to you about your health. During this time, you can keep your doctor informed about your symptoms, and they can educate and advise you appropriately. You may also undergo a thorough examination.

Choose concierge primary care at East Side Primary Medical Care today if you want a doctor to take care of you at your convenience. You can easily get any healthcare service at any time of day and affordable costs. Do not let second thoughts worry you. Instead, visit the website today to book your online appointment.

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