Why You Should Not Miss the Well-Woman Exams

Why You Should Not Miss the Well-Woman Exams

You can live a healthy and prosperous life if you adopt a good wellness plan which involves an annual well-woman exam. Although the exam is optional, it is important for your reproductive health and you should not skip it. Women’s health Lady Lake is complicated, and you can choose a doctor who offers gender-based treatments which meet your needs. The annual well-woman exams are designed to offer preventive treatments and allow a woman to ask follow-up questions, which allows them to live a healthy life. These are reasons to opt for the well-woman exams.

They Prevent Cervical Cancer

You may develop cervical cancer without knowing you are sick, as it is a health condition that takes time before you see its symptoms. First cervical cancer is associated with the human papillomavirus, sexually transmitted. Thus you would get the cervical cancer exam if you have several sexual partners. Your gynecologist will conduct a pap smear which indicates the presence of cancerous cells on the cervix. It is easy to treat precancerous tissues and vaccinate against HPV in the early stages to avoid the development of cancer cells.

Professional Breast Exam

Breast cancer leads to the development of painless lumps on the breast, and sometimes you may fail to identify these cancerous cells by yourself. The lumps would be deeply seated in the deep breast tissues making it impossible to identify them. But a gynecologist will examine the breast cells professionally, making it easy to diagnose breast cancer. They may identify the lumps and opt for a biopsy that identifies if the breast lump is cancerous.

The Well-Woman Exams Fosters Better Health

You will get to ask follow-up questions during the well-woman exams as you check and communicate with your health provider deeply. They may discuss health risks and recommend the right lifestyles to avoid future issues. They will discuss the progress of a health condition if you live with a lifestyle condition. They may determine if the medications are effective and decide to change them to improve your health outcome. You will discuss issues such as family planning, infertility, and the desire to have children in the future.

They Treat STDs

STDs can affect your reproductive health and cause infertility, but you should seek timely treatments during well-woman exams. Women might be exposed to UTIs easily, and they may need the right knowledge to avoid future recurrence of the diseases.

They Ease Worry and Stress

Without the well-woman exams, you would be worried about reproductive issues like painful periods and menopause symptoms. The gynecologist will determine if the symptoms are normal or not, and they will provide the necessary treatments to deal with the abnormal symptoms. Thus, you may not need to worry about your reproductive health if you take the well-woman exams frequently.

Annual well-woman check is good for your health, and you should not skip appointments. The well-woman checks ensure you are healthy and your gynecologist treats emerging health conditions. It eases your worries as it indicates if the symptoms, such as painful periods, are normal or not. Your gynecologist will treat the STDs and help you prevent future infections through effective birth control barriers like condoms. They may advise you on family planning methods that will work for you and guide you through your pregnancy.

Martin Dupuis