4 Things To Expect At Your First Psychotherapy Session In Singapore

As people who enjoy our bodies and their numerous functions, we are responsible for looking after them. We should try our best to nourish them with nutritious and hearty meals and strengthen them through exercise. We should also visit specialists regularly to maintain our overall wellness and treat various ailments troubling all aspects of our health—including our mental well-being. We should often attend psychotherapy sessions in Singapore to address the many concerns we have about ourselves and everything that bothers our minds. But before we undergo psychological therapy or counselling in Singapore, what are these treatment methods, and how can they benefit us?

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is one of the many available treatments for various mental health illnesses. It also helps people without medical concerns affecting their mental well-being—as long as a person is experiencing emotional difficulties, they could undergo a few psychotherapy sessions in Singapore. Also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy involves multiple sessions that last more or less than an hour to let the patient discuss situations or emotions that have been troubling them. They could also use this treatment to address the symptoms they have been facing due to their mental illnesses. Healthcare specialists often pair psychotherapy sessions with other treatment methods like medications or alternative medicine to help someone break free from their psychological distress.

What To Expect At Your Intake Psychotherapy Session

If you feel distressed about your therapy sessions, it may be because of not knowing what can happen during your treatment. Learning what to expect at your initial or intake psychotherapy appointment in Singapore may ease your anxieties and allow you to focus on receiving the best mental health treatment you deserve. To help you understand your psychological counselling or therapy sessions, here are four things that can happen during your initial appointment:

1. Your Psychotherapist Will Explain The Details Of The Treatment

Whether you undergo psychotherapy to address your mental health disorder or to receive trauma therapy in Singapore, your psychotherapist will inform you of the details of your treatment, especially those not in the forms you signed. They will also discuss everything psychotherapy can and cannot do and explain their duties and responsibilities as your therapist.

2. Your Psychotherapist Will Walk You Through What Can Happen In Each Session

After discussing the specifics of your therapy appointments, your therapist will explain what can happen during your sessions. They may discuss their methods of helping patients like you or inform you what they can do if they think your psychotherapy sessions in Singapore do not benefit you.

3. Your Psychotherapist Will Ask Questions About You

Your psychotherapist will want to spend your intake appointment getting to know you and understand the purpose of your treatment. This questioning may lead to your discussion of the distressing situations or emotions you have been experiencing lately, but know that your psychotherapy expert will never demand you to respond to inquiries you feel uncomfortable answering.

4. Your Psychotherapist Will Encourage You To Ask Questions

Psychotherapy appointments are similar to specialist checkups and counselling sessions in Singapore. At numerous points during your consultation, your therapist will ask you if you have any questions about them or your treatment. If you have been experiencing emotional distress lately, you can seek help from Redwood Psychology through their psychotherapy sessions in Singapore. Check out their website to learn more about their mental health facility and treatments.

Paul Proulx