Signs you need to detox

Signs you need to detox

Those who advocate detoxification to maintain the excellent health of the organism claim that it is a process that helps to readjust the internal balance. That is to say that it would serve to eliminate toxins that could harm the body. Below, you will discover the signs you need to detox described by the followers of this trend.

Bad habits and overeating overload the body. The first organs to send signs you need to detox about this overwork are the liver and the kidneys since they are the main ones in charge of the cleansing functions.

The liver neutralizes or transforms many toxic substances into harmless ones and discharges them into the blood to be expelled. And the kidneys filter the blood to retain the usable substances and eliminate the harmful ones through the urine.

When the liver is overloaded and cannot do its job correctly, it can cause the following disorders:

The liver is primarily responsible for obtaining energy from the body, as it is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. If it is overloaded by excess toxins, energy levels drop, and you feel tired. You may also have frequent headaches.

Digestion problems. Such as a feeling of heaviness and a dirty stomach, gas, slow digestion, and intestinal discomfort. You may even experience nausea, especially after a fatty meal.

Constipation. You may have regularity problems that you did not have before, or they may have become more pronounced. In addition to being constipated, you may notice bad breath and have a “dirty” (white or yellowish) tongue.

Mood swings. When the liver is overloaded, the mood may worsen. Irritability, nervousness, depression, etc., maybe some signs.

Depression is one of the most common diseases of today’s age. If there are no real emotional reasons for depression, perhaps your body needs to detoxify. It is believed that the accumulation of toxins could hinder the proper functioning of the body and affect the hormonal balance. However, there is no scientific data on this.

In this case, you could try a green juice routine, eliminate all processed foods and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. If dietary changes do not improve your mood, see a psychologist.

The symptoms that your kidneys are not able to eliminate toxins through your urine are very characteristic:

You have noticed that your urine has become denser, has a darker color, and a more pungent odor.

If you have a swollen or bulging belly, swollen eyelids, lips, and hands, or feel heavy legs, it may be a sign that you are retaining fluids.

High blood pressure. Hypertension, by itself, does not give symptoms, so you are not usually aware that your blood pressure is rising unless you go to the doctor, who will do a routine measurement. For this reason, you must check it periodically since, in addition to being a possible warning that your kidneys are not working well, it is a factor that increases the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases.

One of the causes of fatigue could be the accumulation of histamine if it is not metabolized by the enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO). In such cases, alternative medicine experts recommend favoring foods low in histamine and avoiding compensating for the lack of energy with stimulants such as caffeine and taurine.

Clare Louise