6 remedies to try for treating nail fungus

6 remedies to try for treating nail fungus

There are many kinds of infection including viral, bacterial, and fungal infection. These infections can harm your skin and fungal infection can also harm your nails. You may have seen people having pitted or discolored nails without reasons, but there is a major reason behind this that is a fungal infection. The nail fungus is so common fungal infection that can be occurred to anyone who is doing everything that invites fungus.

Excessive sweating, not washing feet, low hygiene level, and keeping feet wet most of the time are some of the reasons why you may have faced nail fungus. There are many medications available to treat nail fungus. The nail fungal infection cream India is available for use so that you can get rid of the nail fungus. The fungal infections are usually stubborn and will not go away so easily. You can also try some other simple remedies to treat nail fungus. These are:

  • Using Vicks VapoRub: You can make use of Vicks available at your home that you usually apply on your nose or neck for cough or cold suppression. The Vicks contains ingredients like camphor that will be beneficial to treat fungus and also eucalyptus oil. So, apply it on your nail one time a day.
  • Tea tree oil: You may have heard about tea tree oil many a time as it is helpful for your skin and hair in many ways. Tea tree oil can also help you get rid of your nail fungus. You must apply this oil two times at least in a day for effective results.
  • Oregano oil: Oregano oil possesses properties that are anti-fungal and that is why can be used for the treatment of nail fungus. Avoid mixing oregano oil with other oils and use it separately.
  • Use garlic: Garlic is an ingredient that is easily found in kitchens and this can be proved to be magical for your nail fungus. There are many anti properties present in garlic including anti-fungal and anti-microbial. You can place garlic on the affected area so that your nail fungus can heal.
  • Make some changes in your diet: You can also make some changes in your diet in order to make some difference. You need to add curd to your diet so that you can increase the intake of probiotics. You must add a protein-rich diet that will foster the growth of the nail. Fulfill the requirement of iron in your body and take vitamin d rich foods.
  • Soaking feet in mixtures: You can try soaking your feet in different mixtures like:
  1. Apple cider vinegar and water: You must try soaking feet in the mixture in which you must add water and apple cider vinegar.
  2. Black tea: You can make use of plain tea or black tea to soak your nails.

Both these mixtures will help in killing germs, fungus, and bacteria on your nails. The toenail fungus cream India can be very helpful in treating nail fungal.

Clare Louise