Should a Biotin Shampoo be Used with Conditioner?

Should a Biotin Shampoo be Used with Conditioner?

Now there is a common question that most conditioner skeptics ask. The question is whether washing hair with a biotin shampoo needs to be followed up with a conditioner. This question has gone around enough times to raise doubts and confusion in the minds of believers and skeptics alike. So, to end the confusion once and for all, the answer is a yes. You need to use biotin shampoo and conditioner in the given order, especially when using a biotin formula. The routine applies to biotin products, just the way it applies to all other formulas, and here is why.

Washing Hair with a Biotin Shampoo

Here is what washing your hair with a biotin shampoo does. To understand the importance of shampoo and conditioning compared to just shampooing, you must face the fact that a biotin shampoo is not an end-all-be-all answer to hair loss. It is just a treatment that works better than other existing ones in cases of heavy hair loss, but even it cannot work alone. It needs to have a follow-up treatment that reinforces its good qualities.

Washing hair with a biotin shampoo does two things. The first is cleansing the scalp and hair. Although gentle on the hair, most decent biotin shampoos do a reasonable job of cleaning out the dirt and product residues from hair care products. Depending upon how big of a lather you can work up with your shampoo, you can decide how many washes you need per week and how many times you want to apply it per wash. 

The other thing that a biotin shampoo does that most other shampoos do not do is boost hair growth. Containing significant amounts of Vitamin B7, these products send biotin to the roots of the hair, thus nourishing them from the outside. It’s like giving your hair a big boost of biotin when it lacks enough of an internal supply. Hair loss does not occur overnight and stopping hair loss takes an ongoing commitment to improve hair loss and regrowth. 

Conditioning with a Biotin Conditioner 

Now you may think that since conditioning is mostly a superficial thing that does nothing at the roots but in the strands, why bother to use it? The reason is two fold, the conditioner helps with breakage which is a common problem with weak and thinning hair. The second is improving elasticity in the hair which will leave the hair shinier and fuller again due to breakage

Now a biotin conditioner with Keratin may not directly contribute to fuller, thicker hair. But biotin conditioners do the additional job of locking all the biotin in the hair, thus giving it more time to work its magic from the inside. Besides, biotin conditioners contain many nourishing ingredients which make hair stronger, shinier, and fuller. 

Johnny Burrell