Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair Type 

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Hair Type 

It’s not always possible to go to the salon and do that devastating treatment, but you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful with the help of our tips and also prevent it from lice which can be treated lice doctors. Your hair says a lot about you. You show the world a little bit of your personality through your choices of cuts and hairstyles, even if unintentionally because this is the part of the body you see in the mirror most often.

If this task seems laborious and tiring to you, especially when you’ve tried a little bit of everything and didn’t get satisfactory and lasting results, we have a question: are you taking care of your hair type the way it needs to?

Each hair has its own “rule,” so to speak, as care should benefit each type. This means that it’s no use buying a single moisturizing cream and sharing it with a friend who has different locks than hers because, for sure, one of the two won’t have good results, either immediately or after some time.

Learn about the types of hair and the main characteristics and care for each one and also know that lice treatment can be done in head lice treatment San Antonio, Texas for example:


The strands usually stick to the scalp, which produces and accumulates oil relatively quickly. This type of hair needs detox and purifying shampoos, usually found in the transparent version. Another significant thing for those with oily hair is to keep away from hot water and avoid washing more than once a day, as this practice dries out the scalp, which, to defend itself, produces more oil. So, contrary to what many think, it is necessary to hydrate it, yes!


This is the most common type of curly or curly hair. In this case, it is necessary to choose products that offer more nutrition, such as creamy shampoos and with ingredients that help restore hydration. The watchword for this type of yarn is wetting. Therefore, investing in oils and leave-ins is very important.


One of the most common types has oily roots and dry ends, always leaving the doubt: clean a lot and dry more, or invest in treatment for the driest parts and risk making it oilier? In this case, the recommended thing is to wash every two days, balance the amount of oil, and invest in products with purifying and moisturizing actives.


This type does not have as many special needs as the others, and adapts well to various cuts and treatments. With a washing routine of three times a week, always with conditioner, normal hair will be beautiful and easily healthy.


Johnny Burrell