How Can Sunekos Eye Work for Dark Eye Circles?

How Can Sunekos Eye Work for Dark Eye Circles?


Have you ever wondered how to remove dark eye circles? Let’s admit it: dark under-eye circles make us appear ill, older, and tired. Sadly, the best skincare and eye creams only have a mild effect, and the majority of them serve as concealers. Our appearance could influence how we feel. To fix eye circles, we must first recognize the different causes of dark circles and make changes in our lifestyles. (for example, getting enough sleep and lowering fluid retention) Nevertheless, if your dark eye circles remain despite your best attempts, it may be worth considering dark eye circles treatment in Singapore. Many of these Singapore treatments are simple office treatments that are non-surgical, with excellent recovery times and safety.

What Causes Dark Eye Circles And Sunken Eyes?

Recognizing the different causes of sunken eyes and dark eye circles is essential for treatment. The primary causes are as follows:


The skin around the eyes is usually quite thin. It’s actually 4x thinner compared to the rest of the skin in the body. The skin loses collagen as we get old, as well as cheek fat, fine lines appear more, and dark blood vessels beneath the skin get more visible. Cheek fat loss makes the eye region seem hollower and your face seem skeletal.

Weight Loss

We end up losing facial fat as our weight reduces. The loss of cheek fat volume draping underneath the eyes causes the eyes to appear sunken.

Sleep Deprivation

Extreme fatigue, oversleeping, and sleep deprivation could all impair blood circulation within the skin underneath the eyes. Thus, the dark blood vessels become more visible, causing the production of dark circles.


Dehydration is yet another common source of dark eye circles. Dehydration could be triggered by a variety of factors, one of which is the consumption of alcohol. The lack of water within the eye area makes the skin seem so dull and your eyes to seem sunken.

Exposure to the Sun

The sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays could lead to excessive pigmentation in the skin around your eyes.


Allergic reactions or allergies caused by a variety of factors could result in a “histamine” response. Blood vessels in the skin dilate and become more visible beneath the skin. There would also be inflammation in the skin, resulting in dryness, itchiness, and redness. Continuous skin rubbing might result in the formation of unwanted pigmentation.


Smoking results in premature aging and depletes the collagen in the skin of your lower eyelids. Eyelid thinning would worsen dark circles and cause the blood vessels to be more visible.

Sunekos Eye for the Removal of Dark Circles

Sunekos is the latest injectable cosmetic procedure that increases cellular regeneration to rejuvenate the deepest layers of the skin.

What is Sunekos?

It is a patented hyaluronic acid and amino acid formula that promotes elastin and collagen production, which are the (ECM) ExtraCellular Matrix’ basic building blocks. It rebuilds the skin via a process known as dermal biogenesis – basically, skin regeneration – by fixing any damaged skin and enhancing elastin and collagen production.

What Distinguishes It From Other Fillers?

Regular fillers have Hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs in our body and holds 1,000x of its weight in water within our skin, keeping the region moist and hydrated.

Sunekos has a patented amino acids formula, which is vital for the production of healthy skin and stimulates elastin and collagen production, instead of just ‘filling in’ wrinkles and lines. This procedure rebuilds the dermal layers of the skin and restores its natural youthful appearance by getting the area tightened, improving skin texture and hydration, and plumping out lines and wrinkles.

How Does This Treatment Work?

Sunekos functions by rejuvenating the skin’s (ECM) Extracellular Matrix, the biggest part of the skin that offers structural support and elasticity to your dermis. It plumps and hydrates the treated tissue, reducing wrinkles, increasing collagen and elastin, and offering hydration to the skin’s deep and superficial layers.

Is It Going To Help With My Dark Circles?

Sunekos is the perfect dark eye circles treatment in Singapore if you have thin, crepey skin and have noticed that the area surrounding the eyes has lost volume. It not only regenerates aging skin, but it is also excellent for minimizing dark under-eye circles!



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