A List of Common Conditions That an ENT Doctor Treats in Singapore

A List of Common Conditions That an ENT Doctor Treats in Singapore

The ear, nose, and throat region (also known as the ENT region) is a system connected by intricate tubings. When one part of this region is affected, the condition may influence the other parts, too. Infection and other medical issues may affect your overall health. You should consult an ENT doctor in Singapore when you see the first sign of pain or sickness.

Medical issues affecting your ears, nose, and throat may vary. You should not immediately rush to the ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singapore if you have slight coughs or colds. You can consult a general practitioner for assistance.

An ENT doctor will treat more serious issues affecting your head and neck area. Distinguish between instances where you need a GP doctor or an ENT specialist. Here are serious yet common conditions they will treat.

1. Balance problems

Problems like vertigo can make your surroundings feel out of step. It may feel like you are spinning or turning even when you keep still. Oftentimes, it is an inner ear problem that causes balance problems like these. An ENT doctor can examine the tubings in your ear and get to the bottom of the problem.

2. Allergies

A general practitioner may refer you to an ENT clinic in Singapore if you are suspected to have allergies. Allergic reactions heavily impact the ENT region of your body. You may be able to find relief with an ENT doctor’s prescription.

3. Sleep apnea

When you have sleep apnea, you do not get restful sleep. It is a condition wherein your breathing stops or restarts during sleep. It can lead to other issues such as headaches, exhaustion, snoring, and more.

If you are experiencing any issues with your ENT region, then it is time to visit an ENT specialist clinic in Singapore. Reach out to Dr Jenica Yong to know more about how you can get medical attention for your condition.

Paul Proulx