Are Lights Causing You Migraines?

Are Lights Causing You Migraines?

When it comes to migraines and other headaches, lighting can be a big factor. Lighting in a room can put stress on a person’s eyes, which can lead to head pain. Constant visual stress places pressure on the nerves in the head and can cause migraines to worsen. Thankfully, some solutions help individuals reduce the amount of stress that occurs so they no longer have so many painful days and nights.

Many People Suffer from Migraines

The American Migraine Foundation states more than 36 million people suffer from migraines. For some people, the pain becomes debilitating, preventing them from living a normal life. Migraines not only cause severe pain, but they can also cause nausea and sensitivity to light. Individuals who suffer from migraines cost American businesses over $29 million a year in productivity losses.

Around 80-90% of migraine sufferers also experience increased sensitivity to light. This symptom is called photophobia. Many people do not realize photophobia can cause a wide range of symptoms that go well beyond a simple pain in the head.

Types of Headaches Caused by Light

Many people who suffer from migraines do not realize they could be caused by light. The following offers information on some of the common types of headaches caused by lights.

Tension: This type of head pain is one of the most common and often develops slowly, with an increase in pain. People who suffer from this type of head pain often describe it as a feeling of a tightening band around the head. Stress is a common culprit of a tension headache, but lighting can also be responsible.

Migraine: Migraine is another cause of head pain that may be triggered by light. People of all ages can suffer from migraine pain. A migraine causes pain, dizziness, sensitivity to light, nausea, vomiting, and tingling and numbness in the face.

Cluster: Cluster headaches are less common, but they cause intense pain. This type of head pain often mimics migraines, but there is usually no aura preceding the pain. The pain will often develop behind one eye or on the side of the head.

Change the Lighting Source: Lifestyle changes can sometimes help individuals overcome the intense pain of headaches. Switching from fluorescent lighting to LED lights in classrooms, offices, and at home can help to reduce the occurrence of headache types in people of all ages.

Lighting can also be covered with special filters that help to make the light less intrusive to the eyes. With less tension comes fewer headaches.

These filters are made with durable materials and can be used to cover both LED and fluorescent lighting. The filters can even be cut to fit all sizes of lights.

Lifestyles Changes are Also Beneficial

Making modifications to lighting can help to greatly reduce the incidence of light-induced head pain, such as migraines. In addition to modifying your light sources, it also helps to find what other environmental concerns may be causing your migraines. See your doctor right away to learn more, so you can get complete relief.

Johnny Burrell