6 Common Myths About RT-PCR Testing

6 Common Myths About RT-PCR Testing

Since the advent of the COVID pandemic, there has been various misinformation about the COVID-19 disease and its spread. People forwarding false messages about vaccinations and tests have spread chaos among individuals.

If you have to look for an RT PCR test in Gurgaon or any other city, then you might have come across various rumors. Misinformation and myths about the deadly virus spread like fire among people. So it is necessary to clear all the air about the RT PCR test in Gurgaon and other major cities of India.

Here in this blog, we will debunk all the myths about COVID testing.

Common Myths About Testing – RT PCR Test in Gurgaon

Let’s cast light on the myths that are spreading about RT-PCR testing.

1. RT-PCR Test Does Not Detect COVID

The very first thing about the RT-PCR test is it does not detect the COVID. The rumor was started when the Swedish Public Health Agency released the article. This myth is entirely false. The test can detect the COVID. If you are looking for an RT PCR test in Gurgaon, you can certainly book your appointment here – https://spicehealth.com/book-rt-pcr-test-in-gurgaon/.

2. RT-PCR Test Often Gives False Reports

The second myth about the RT PCR test is it often gives false results and reports. At the beginning of the pandemic, the rumor came into the light when people claimed that the report was false. However, it is not true; the determining factor of positive and negative reports depends on when the test is taken and how the test was performed. If both the points are taken care of correctly, it yields only accurate results.

3. RT-PCR Testing is Painful Process

The third myth about RT-PCR testing is it is a painful process. This is entirely false. PCR tests are simple and painless to carry out. A diagnostic swab in your throat can lead to discomfort in some situations. It might cause a little discomfort, or you feel like spitting, which is entirely normal. It may irritate and cause sneezing when ingested via the nose, which is entirely natural. In general, the PCR test is not unpleasant.

4. RT-PCR Testing Centres Are Taking Advantage of People

Another myth about the RT PCR test is that the test centres are taking advantage of the people by charging an insane amount for tests which is not true. People can take tests in government bodies free of cost, and some centers are charging the price, which the government itself suggests. However, if you want to opt for a private test center, you may have to pay the price according to your comfort and convenience, as these centers provide reports very quickly.

5.  RT-PCR Testing Enhance The Surge in COVID Positive Cases

Another myth about COVID testing is it is multiplying the number of positive cases. COVID testing is used to determine the frequency and site of COVID infection. If more individuals show symptoms, it’s a sign that communal infection is at its peak, and the pandemic is spreading quickly. Testing is important to cease the spread of the virus and provide the utmost care to the city. It is not at all true that testing is responsible for the number of positive cases. It only helps to identify the positive cases and offers them the help they require.

6. Testing Is Not Necessary For Kids

Even though children are less prone to develop signs of COVID-19 illness, a study found that they discharge 10-1000 times higher viral RNA than grownups. However, masking, hand cleanliness, coughing etiquette, and physical distancing are difficult for children to maintain. Therefore they can spread the disease more effectively than adults. That’s why it is necessary to take tests and take all required precautions if found positive.

That’s all! Here we have mentioned all about the COVID- 19 testing myths.

Vincent Lalonde