Natural Remedies for Neuropathy

Natural Remedies for Neuropathy

Many people suffer daily from neuropathy pain. They are several causes of neuropathy, including alcoholism, diabetes, and infection. Many prescription medications ease the symptoms, but several natural options can reverse the effects. Below are a few examples of natural neuropathy remedies.


Many foods can trigger nerve pain. These foods consist of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and some meats. When a person is looking into reversing neuropathy naturally, one of the first steps is to cut these types of food from the diet. Diets high in antioxidants and B-12 will relieve neuropathy symptoms and promote the overall health of the patient. Sugary and salty foods must be avoided. The patient must receive all of the natural nutrients from the foods they eat, so raw uncooked foods should be eaten often.


Exercise can remedy many illnesses and conditions. The human body is meant to be active, so being active can promote healing and stimulate the body. In addition, regular exercise is essential to reverse neuropathy. Many people get significant relief from activities such as stretching. By stretching, the person can promote blood flow to problem areas like arms, legs, hands, and feet. Balance exercises will also help to alleviate neuropathy pain in the body extremities. While a person is exercising, blood flow increases to the arms and legs, and this blood flow can stimulate the nerves causing relief from neuropathy pain.


Vitamin deficiencies can cause many problems. Often neuropathy is due to a vitamin deficiency. Vitamins B and D are crucial for the health of nerves. Vitamin B can be ingested into the body through foods that are eaten, but many times that is not enough, and a supplemental dose is required. The best source of vitamin D can be found in the sunlight absorbed by the skin. If this cannot be achieved, then an additional supplement can also be taken. It is essential to follow recommended dosage guidelines to prevent any further issues.


Unfortunately, most foods are missing essential nutrients and vitamins. This is caused by the food being processed, the soil used to grow the food, and some techniques used by farmers. Neuropathy supplements can be taken to ensure these missing nutrients are received to relieve the pain. In addition, nerve support formula supplements can be taken to assist in healing damaged nerves decreasing symptoms and pain associated with neuropathy.

Tobacco Use

Cigarette smoking can be the root cause of many health issues. Smoking directly affects the body’s blood flow. Blood vessels narrow from smoking and become a significant factor in neuropathy pain. It is detrimental to a neuropathy sufferer to continue tobacco use. Quitting is non-negotiable to have relief and reverse neuropathy pain and symptoms.

As with most conditions, preventative measures are more effective than treatment of current symptoms. Ensuring that the body receives ample vitamins, nutrients, and exercise is paramount to preventing neuropathy pain and symptoms. Furthermore, eliminating toxins that can create more issues is crucial. By implementing the remedies mentioned above, the patient will get relief from this painful condition.

Martin Dupuis