5 Tips for Staying Healthy Down There

5 Tips for Staying Healthy Down There

Maintaining a good vaginal health is important for staying healthy and avoiding infections and irritations that may lead to major problems in the long run. There are many factors that affect the health down there including sexual activity, periods, sweating, and many more.

You can follow many healthy hygienic practices like keeping your vagina clean using gentle soaps, taking extra care during periods, using a glycerin free personal lube that is organic and so on.

Let us go through 5 such tips that will help to maintain the good health of your intimate areas

1. Maintain proper hygiene and always keep the area clean

Washing your vaginal area with warm water daily is necessary for good hygiene. However, if you want to use soap, you have to make sure that the soap is gentle and won’t harm the pH balance of the area.

Sometimes even products designed for vaginal care contain chemicals that will harm the pH balance and lead to a bad vaginal health. This is why you should always check the ingredients of the products that you are about to use down there.

2. Keep a check on what you wear

Wearing tight underwear or even tight clothes can lead to a lot of sweating which may lead to bacterial growth, or yeast infection.

This is why wearing cotton underwear and comfortable clothes that will allow your vulvovaginal area to breathe is important, especially if you face a problem with heavy vaginal discharge. Do not continue to wear damp underwear and remember to change it after a run or a workout.

3. Take care while shaving pubic hair

Shaving or not shaving your pubic hair is completely a personal choice. While some women feel that shaving off the pubic hair reduces a lot of sweating and helps in maintaining better vaginal hygiene, others like to go natural and avoid shaving pubic hair completely.

In reality, pubic hair actual does a quite good job in protecting your intimate area from bacterial and viral infections, and also prevents friction during sex.

4. Have clean and healthy sex

Protecting your intimate area from infections and irritations during and after sex is important for maintaining good health down there.

If you are using a personal lube to help in your intimate activities, then you should make sure to check the ingredients of the lubricants and go for organic lubricants like Lube’D that will be gentle on your sensitive area and protect it against infections. You should also check the ingredients of the condom before using it.

5. Maintain proper period hygiene

Another important factor that can affect your vaginal health is your period. This is why taking extra care of your intimate area during those 4 to 5 days is very important.

You should change your tampons, pads, or liners at least 4 to 5 times a day to maintain good hygiene and avoid infections. You should also wipe and clean the area frequently while on your period.

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