Working as a Psychologist and how Yoga can Help With Stress

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Working as a psychologist in Brick, you would be working with patients on a mental level and try to treat them through counseling.  Many work closely with small children.  In schools, they can be hired to analyze their students, helping those that are having problems with psychological or learning problems. One of their many duties is to diagnose and treat patients that have mental issues, such as stress.  There are many ways in which they can help their patients deal with stress.  One way is to teach them yoga.

With yoga in Brick, there are many ways in which it can help you with stress and your mental health.

  • Promotes mindfulness:  This means that you learn to be in the present at the current moment, which can be a difficult thing to achieve.  It is central to yoga to be able to focus on the concept of ‘now’.  Mindfulness can be enhanced and developed through different yoga techniques like awareness of breath and meditation.  
  • Relaxation can be increased:  Yoga can help increase relaxation by altering your stress response system.  It can help to quiet down your nervous system.  When you reduce the stress you will decrease the cortisol levels in your body.  This is what the stress hormones are called.  Doing this will give you mental benefits of practicing yoga.  One common theme in yoga is the process of letting go.  You do this by releasing deep holding patterns in your body so you can find a state of balance.  When you practice the longer-held yoga positions, it will encourage you to slow your breathing down.  
  • Helps build self-confidence:  All styles, philosophies, and practices of yoga will help make you more aware of your existence by bringing your scattered awareness from the outer world to the inside of you.  Having this sense of internalization will help to boost your self-confidence.  It can also help to build self-esteem.
  • Helps to improve focus, concentration, and memory:  When doing yoga, it is all about linking motion with breathing allowing you to become totally present in body and mind.  Even a short time of yoga can have immediate effects on your brain such as improving memory, attention, and judgment.  
  • Enhances your emotional wellbeing and mood:  Since yoga helps to increase your ability to be present you can recognize your emotions clearer.  Constant yoga practice will help to improve the circulation of the endocrine glands.  This will enhance the function of the hormone that plays a part in the physiology of depression.  As a result, your overall mood will improve and there will be a reduction in depression.  


Yoga in Brick is diverse and expanding.  It is a unique mind-body practice that you can use to improve your overall wellbeing and mental health.  It is one method of treatment that a psychologist in Brick would use to help treat their patients that are having mental issues.  You could do yoga at home or join a yoga class.  Yoga is not hard, but it can take practice to learn all the poses.

Johnny Burrell