What to Expect After a Thread Lift Procedure

What to Expect After a Thread Lift Procedure

You might have noticed small but noticeable differences in your skin’s elasticity. Together with environmental and genetic factors, aging makes us develop wrinkles and fine lines in the face and Crow’s feet circling the eyes. If you’re starting to observe signs of aging but don’t love the idea of going under the knife, PDO thread treatment might be perfect for you.

Thread lift in Singapore is a procedure of skin lifting with sutures. Clients can achieve benefits like no scarring, minimal downtime, and lesser postoperative drawbacks.

What is Thread Lift?

Thread lift in Singapore uses surgical-grade threads to enhance and tighten the thinning or sagging skin. Similar threads have been used in other treatments, like heart surgeries, because of their capability to rejuvenate tissue and increase collagen. They could be safely tolerated by the body as well. After examining your skin and going over your aesthetic expectations, your provider will select the right thread to obtain the desired outcome. When the threads are placed well, patients can observe an overall development in their skin quality. Thread lift in Singapore can help individuals who wish to delay aging or combat problems like saggy skin and fine lines.

How Does Thread Lifting Work?

Various thread types offer various advantages. For instance, barbed threads are used for skin lifting, while twist threads are utilized to define areas such as cheeks or deep lines such as nasolabial folds. Smooth threads can handle issues like Crow’s feet and smoker’s lines and could also deal with areas with crepe-y or loose skin.

Once the ideal spots on your face are marked, the threads are injected into distinct areas using a tiny hollow needle. Since this method is performed using injections, no deep incisions or cuts are needed. The aesthetic doctor would then gently tug on the threads for the repositioning of the skin. With the lift secured, he or she then removes the needle without scars left. Procedures usually last for nearly an hour, depending on the number of threads utilized.

Thread Lift Recovery Period

A lot of patients wish to learn more regarding the thread lift recovery period. The great news is that thread lifting results could be detected straight away. Smooth and twist thread effects might need about 2 – 3 months to be seen as they struggle to change your skin inside out.

The threads’ real puncture spots would still need some weeks to recover, which indicates you might experience typical side effects such as soreness around the injection site, redness, and usually a sensation of tightness. Other than that, however, there is no downtime after the thread lifting procedure.

We recommend a follow-up every six months where touch-up medications might be required. Finally, the effects could last a year or more, depending on the anti-aging regimen you use. We suggest utilizing a high-SPF sunscreen to defend your refreshed skin from dangerous UV rays and extend the results as long as possible.

Tips for Thread Lift Recovery

Refrain from Rubbing Your Face

It is advisable that you refrain from rubbing your face for the initial weeks after thread lifting. Abrasive and vigorous action on the skin surface could disturb your sutures, thus resulting in less than excellent results. Ideally, you should likewise try to minimize excessive facial movements to let the sutures settle properly.

Avoid Some Sleeping Positions

Try to refrain from sleeping on your side for the initial weeks. Instead, try to sleep on your back with your head raised slightly on a pillow.

Refrain from Doing High-Intensity Workouts for the First Few Weeks

Vigorous exercises and physical activity could disturb the healing process following a thread lift. Hence, you need to avoid doing high-intensity circuits, sprints, interval training, and other vigorous exercises for a week or so.

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