What is CPR and how to grant it

What is CPR and how to grant it

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is applied in the case the injured human isn’t breathing. Granting this method helpers can restart a heart. It aims to improve the blood circulation. This is done to reduce brain damage that can become fatal. Scientists say that rescue breathing should be combined with chest compression. 

This operation cannot be done effectively if the helper is not experienced enough, strict following of the instructions are acquired. Advising with Sanitäter für Events München can be taken into account. Two major options are applied within providing the CPR: appliance of thirty chest compressions first and adding two breaths next.

Chest compressions

The helper should simply kneel next to the injured individual. The person must be lying straight on his back. Outright pushing up and down of the breastbone is applied next. It should be repeated thirty times. Mind, the depth of pushing must be about five centimetres.

Providing breaths

Apply gentle breaths in the person’s airway. Confirm that the chest is moving up and down. Then add the second breath. Repeat the thirty compressions with two breaths reciting about five times. Check the proper breathing. If this option isn’t completed try CPR one more time. After restarting regular breathing, stay with the person until bundespolizei sanitätsdienst arrives. Time is the main trouble while giving help. Double-check for rapid response. You may pick up cracking during compressions. It is natural so keep going.

Arranging the recovery location

The right position should be arranged to complete CPR correctly and effectively. It includes removing glasses (if they are available), slightly rolling him in the appropriate position by bending the person`s hip and knee, and putting gently one hand below his cheek. Pull the person’s head back to make his airway open. All medical options must be efficiently provided before emergency service comes.

Martin Dupuis