The benefits of medical professionals taking an advanced QMAP class

The benefits of medical professionals taking an advanced QMAP class


A career in the medical profession offers many rewards, benefits, and opportunities for growth. It’s a successful industry with different varieties of jobs opportunity with many different interests and skills. For those who want a job in the healthcare profession, here are the benefits of medical professionals taking an advanced QMAP (Qualified Medication Administration Personnel) class.

Job growth and security – According to the medical profession is projected to grow by 30% by 2023, a raise of about 5 million jobs. As the worldwide ages and requires more medical services, hospitals, nursing homes, doctors clinics, and other medical facilities will be actively recruiting medical employees. 

High earning prospective – Due to the high demand and requirements of the job, medical personnel is frequently well paid. How much skills, education and experience, and personnel have, the better they are typically paid. Some of the highly required medical jobs with increased earning potential.

Make a difference –the medical field can change these field’s personnel lives on a daily basis and typically they will be professional because they enjoy helping others. They are kindhearted, strong people, and strong communication skills. Helping others when it’s come about of any medical job motivates people to do their best by working hard.

Competitive benefits – in this current situation of rising competition for qualified medical personnel, medical employers offer superior benefits to attract to hold the best workers. Employees should expect benefits such as life insurance, health insurance, family insurance, holiday, and paid sick leave. Many medical employers also offer training and pay for education in order to help employees advance for growth in their careers.

Diverse requirements – You don’t have to be highly professional as a brain surgeon to make a difference in someone’s life. Whether you have attended or a doctorate degree, there is probably a job for you in medical professionals. The field has hundreds of different jobs with different requirements. While a number of required years of school and job experience, others can be achieved by minimal training or education. All may not jobs required candidates to be certified or licensed.

With so many occupations to choose from, the jobs in the highest demand are currently medical assistants, medical secretaries, nursing assistants, home health aides, licensed practical nurses, and licensed vocational nurses. , emergency medical technicians, Dental assistants, and paramedics are also highly required.

Education & Training

This course certifies trainees to administer medications QMAP Courses in Denver and Colorado Springs residential and day programs.  This course including responsibilities of QMAP certification, common medications, side effects, rights and responsibilities of administering medication, measurement of vital signs, and common abbreviations used in the medical field. 

Trainees must attend and obtain each day and must score a minimum of 85% on exams.  Final Certification follows a successful demonstration of skills at trainee’s agency, supervised by agency nurse. 

All trainees should have a QMAP textbook for their own use. Agencies can purchase QMAP books at an additional fee.

Price includes all materials with the exception of QMAP books, which may be purchased separately or provided by the agency.


Jacques Bedard