What is a gastric bypass procedure? How is it performed?

What is a gastric bypass procedure? How is it performed?

In the United States, approx 24 million people are suffering from obesity. It means that they have a BMI (body mass index) of more than 40. According to recent stats by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of obesity in grown-ups in the country was 42.4 percent from 2017 to 2018.

Obesity or being overweight can also lead to many health problems, for example, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disorders, arthritis, and many more. Medical experts prescribe weight loss surgery to obtain better health.

Gastric bypass surgery Arizona is one cure for obesity. It can aid an obese to reduce weight. Let us learn in-depth about this procedure.

How is a gastric bypass surgery performed?

Diet and workout are typically the primary suggestions for weight reduction. However, these don’t work for every individual. In many instances in which lifestyle changes are helpful, a medical professional might prescribe a gastric bypass surgery Arizona. This type of weight loss surgery can help in achieving long-term results.

In general, weight loss procedures can work in one out of three ways:

1.   Malabsorptive

In a Malabsorptive surgery, a surgeon lessens the size of the intestine (small) that food can bypass through.

2.   Restrictive

In a restrictive surgery, a surgeon reduces the stomach size.

3.   Mixed

These surgeries restrict food consumption and generate malabsorption.

A gastric bypass is performed only while the patient’s weight cannot be managed with work out or diet, or when the patient is suffering from weight-related health issues.

Also, this procedure is the gold standard amid all weight loss procedures and is carried out very frequently. It is safe for the patients and has fewer complications. The surgeon advises the patients to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and diet plan for lasting weight loss results.

Who is eligible for this type of surgery?

We all know that gastric bypass is not meant for every person. To qualify for this type of weight loss procedure, you might have to meet specific guidelines. You will possibly have a general screening process to check whether you are eligible or not.

Moreover, you need to make permanent changes to have a better lifestyle. You might need to take part in long-term follow-up meets, too. 

Discuss with your insurance provider or your local Medicaid office to see whether your insurance covers weight loss surgery or not.

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