What Are The Treatments for Concussion?

What Are The Treatments for Concussion?

Concussion develops when you receive a direct blow to your head, causing a collision of your brain and your skull. You will experience chemical changes and may have a temporary loss of function. Atlanta concussion treatment focuses on the option to restore normal brain functioning and reduce concussion symptoms. You may need extra oxygen in your brain to promote healing and allow you to recover from a concussion. However, treatment may reduce your activity performance, giving your brain enough time to heal. You can find out about some treatment options from the discussion below.

Brain Rest

Treatment involves activities that protect your brain from stress to allow it to recover its normal functionality. You can allow your brain to rest by avoiding activities requiring a lot of mental processing, such as multitasking. Your doctor may recommend taking time off school and work and using a break till you recover from a concussion. You may also perform one task instead of multitasking to reduce the mental energy you need to perform several tasks. You can Practice relaxing hobbies like listening to music, podcasts, and movies. Also, you may have to limit the number of chores and stick to light and simple ones until you recover. Lastly, watch out for symptoms worsening if you add new activities into your routine and consider scaling back a little.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The treatment involves using pure oxygen to help your body function properly with an adequate oxygen supply. Air increases twice higher than normal pressure, thus allowing your lungs to gather surplus oxygen which helps your body fight bacteria thus promoting healing. You will require an increased oxygen supply after your tissues undergo an injury. Therefore, survival will be essential.

What Happens During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Your doctor will ask you to lie and slide into a clear chamber. You will then receive air pressure higher than your normal pressure and likely experience fullness feelings in the ears. HBOT can work in ways that include providing oxygen to starved tissues where you have an injury by reducing swelling, thus eliminating tissue death. Secondly, HBOT also reverses the damage from oxygen deprivation after an injury. Lastly, HBOT encourages new collagen and skin cell production, thus helping you heal from a concussion. Blood flow may stop and pool, but this therapy treatment encourages blood flow and allows healing. You may need to stay in the clear chamber for up to hours as your doctor monitors you regularly. After treatment, your doctor will observe your ears and check your pulse and blood pressure. You may also need to check for blood sugar levels if you have diabetes. You may need more than one treatment session to achieve maximum results. However, you may experience side effects like middle ear injuries from increased pressure, temporary myopia, low blood sugar, seizures, and possible lung collapse.

You can seek treatment at Spine Center Atlanta for a concussion. The team will recommend different treatment options depending on the severity of your concussion. You will undergo different diagnostic tests to evaluate your symptoms before developing a treatment plan. You may also visit the website to request your online appointment and begin your treatment sessions.

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