Regular STD Testing For Improved Fertility

Regular STD Testing For Improved Fertility

Do you wait for sick days to see a gynecologist for STD treatments, or do you get the annual checkups and tests? You should get Phoenix STD testing regularly to treat the diseases which don’t have symptoms and avoid future infections. You can easily pass an STD to your partner even if you don’t have symptoms; thus, testing reduces the chances of infecting others. Additionally, you will achieve peace of mind after testing as it allows you to treat the diseases early to prevent future complications. These are reasons you should get regular STD testing.

Identifies Diseases Which Don’t Have Any Symptoms

Sometimes you could have an STD infection without developing any symptoms. The asymptomatic STDs will affect your reproductive health without you knowing. Additionally, you could transfer the STDs to your partner even if you don’t have any symptoms. Thus STD testing facilitates the treatment of asymptomatic diseases. It ensures you are healthy at all times.

It Prevents Further Complications

Due to untreated STDs, you could develop complications such as blocked tubes, fibroids, and infertility. Therefore STD testing will allow a doctor to deal with health complications in the early stages preventing any future complications. Additionally, they will educate you on barrier methods such as condoms or abstaining and monogamous practices to deal with STDs.

Reduces the Risks of Spreading the Infection

You will spread an STD to a loved one if the disease is asymptomatic. Additionally, even if the condition presents symptoms and you fail to treat it, you will still spread it. Therefore, treating an STD reduces the chances of transmission and infections. Your gynecologist will recommend condoms if you have several sexual partners, as polyamory exposes you to higher infection rates. However, you should abstain from or practice monogamy to reduce infection and lead a healthy sexual life.

It Is Cheap

Testing STDs is cheap, and most gynecologist clinics will deduct the cost from our insurance coverage. The tests are classified as preventive treatments, which are covered by insurance. Additionally, regular testing ensures individuals treat STDs early, preventing symptoms and further complications. Treating an STD in the late stages and its associated complications is costly in the long run.

It Leads To Peace of Mind and Makes You Feel More in Control of Your Sexual Health

The STD tests give you peace of mind as it maps any viral or bacterial infection leading to effective treatment. You will feel healthy after treating an STD, which makes you feel more in control of your sexual health. The doctor will educate you on tips to prevent future infections; you could use a condom, abstain or practice monogamy to reduce STD infections. Additionally, they will treat all your partners, thus, reducing the possibility of reinfection.

Sexually transmitted infections can cause infertility and affect your life immensely. Therefore you should seek testing and treatment of the diseases early to avoid future complications. STD testing is regarded as a preventive treatment and is covered by most insurance companies, thus reducing the cost of treatment in the long run. The testing deals with underlying STDs which don’t show any signs. The testing gives you peace and ensures you are in control of your sexual health. Additionally, it prevents the transmission of infections from one person to another, eradicating infections within the community. 

Martin Dupuis