How to maximize visual acuity & maintain eye health

How to maximize visual acuity & maintain eye health

The five senses that humans possess is indeed an incredible function. It helps humans to do many things and as a means of survival. One of the senses such as the eye is often taken for granted. Taking care of the eyes can help preserve its function for a long time. Some people may decide to take supplements to help enhance the eyes’ function and its structure such as Eurobio Biovizmax Capsule. Although it is true that supplements do help to improve eye vision and its health, there is so much more that can be done alongside taking such supplements. Below are what you can do to help improve the eye functions and ultimately achieve healthy eyes and maximum visual acuity:

1)    Feed the eyes- Feeding the eyes is as simple as eating food packed with antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin A, C and E. These nutrients have been proven to help preserve the vital eye structures such as retina which functions as the nerve enabling a person to see. It also helps with slowing down ageing that affects the eyes such as macular degeneration causing blindness in the elderly. Examples of food that should be eaten regularly are carrots, spinach, lemon, oranges, kale and broccoli. Beside antioxidants and vitamins, good fats such as omega-3 fatty acids can help improve eye vision. Examples of food high in omega-3 are cod liver oil and salmon.

2)    Healthy and active lifestyle- Staying physically fit can do more than just for the body. It helps with lowering risk for disease affecting the eyes such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Workout and sports are among activities that should be part of an active lifestyle.

3)    Give eyes some break- Eye strain may trigger eye damage in the long run. Giving it a break not only reduces risk for damages but also helps to provide comfort. To reduce eye strain especially from constant staring on the device’s screen, practise the 20-20-20 rule. This can be done by resting the eyes for every 20 minutes by looking at objects 6 metres away from the eyes for 20 seconds.

4)    Treat dry eyes- Persistent dry eyes may lead to eyes susceptible to infections and many other eye diseases which eventually leads to visual disturbances. Dry eyes can be helped with more blinking or using artificial tears.

5)    Wear protective eyewear- For those working with machines, do remember to take safety measures of wearing glasses or goggles to protect eyes from possible damages such as hazardous airborne particles.

6)    Create an eye-friendly surrounding- Providing such a surrounding can be comforting for the eyes and avoid eye strain. Use a supportive chair and sit in an upright position when working with the screen. Those using glasses or contacts must always use comfortable ones.

7)    Protect yourself from UV rays- Sunglasses should be used when a person is exposed to UV damages such as from the sun. UV rays have been proved in many studies to be the culprit for many eye diseases as the exposure to UV rays can trigger abnormal changes to the eyes.

8)    Smoking cessation- Substances in cigarettes cause build-up of free radicals circulating in the blood and destroy antioxidants that trigger damages to the eye’s cells. It is best to not smoke at all.

9)    Study yourself more- Learn more about family history and yourself to find out risks for eye problems and take steps to reduce the risk for developing one.

10)  Regular eye examination- Comprehensive eye exam by ophthalmologist may help a person detect eye problems early on and to get early treatments.

The above steps only serve as a guide. If you do have eye problems or issues with eye vision, do get medical advice immediately.

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Martin Dupuis