Quick Facts about Laser Hair Removal

Quick Facts about Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing have always been the most commonly used methods for hair removal. After all, these are the cheapest options that anyone can try to get rid of those unwanted body hair. But, as common these methods can be, they’re not quite enjoyable, nor are the side effects that come with it. While waxing causes too much of pain, shaving leaves you with harder and thicker hair along with the burning sensation in those parts. This is why the medical researchers have found a better choice; laser hair removal.

This is one of the best ways available to achieve long-term hair reduction without any side effect. However, not everyone knows everything about full body hair removal Toronto, so we bring to you some amazing facts that you would love to know.

Remove hair from any part of the body – 

While waxing or shaving may have some limitations as you cannot perform these methods on certain areas, due to the side effects of course, laser treatment for hair removal can prove to be an effective choice. Whether you want to remove hair permanently from face, upper lip, back, legs, underarms or full body, it is possible and completely pain free with hair removal Toronto.

It is becoming more and more popular – 

Following its amazing effects and pain-free hair removal solutions, laser hair removal is becoming more popular among the men and women who want to get rid of hair from their bodies. According to the statistics available, there were more than 1.1 million laser hair removal procedures in the US last year, which is 37% higher rate than in the previous year.

The hair are used as a means of transportation – 

Many people are unknown about the process of laser hair removal Toronto. The fact about this is that laser technology actually uses hair as a means of transportation as it is attracted to the pigment in your individual hairs. It concentrates the energy into the hair. As the energy reaches down the hair and its follicle, the particular follicle is damaged, which results in hindering its ability to grow hair in the future.

Multiple treatments are required to see results – 

There is a three-part cycle involved in the hair growth phase; dormant phase, and a shedding phase, and the hairs’ cycles don’t all match up. When it comes to the laser treatment Toronto, it only works on the hairs that are in the growth phase, so the professional may recommend you to visit for multiple sessions of laser treatment to completely eliminate the hair. For many people, a series of around six treatments will get the best results.

Laser hair removal isn’t for everyone – 

Of course, full body laser hair removal Toronto is a reliable and safe solution, but it doesn’t mean that just anyone can go for it. You should discuss with the professional and a healthcare expert about your health conditions to check if you are an ideal candidate for laser hair removal.

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