Managing Anxiety Techniques

Managing Anxiety Techniques

You know the problems that anxiety can bring to your life. If like many you have been afflicted with anxiety for many years you may well have turned to anxiety therapists or anxiety counsellors. The truth today though is the modern anxiety specialist is quite different, working with an exact knowledge of how the brain works when somebody is anxious and exactly what changes are needed to help their clients get past their anxiety.

There are two key concepts that are so important to modern anxiety specialists. One is the ability of the client to be in touch with their fear. Secondly, the client must understand that their condition is a reaction to fear, not the other way round. This understanding that fears are a reaction to fear is so fundamental in today’s treatment practice that many anxiety therapists will explain this concept to you. After this basic understanding they start into the more detailed techniques that are needed to help you get past your fear.

The great thing about anxiety therapy is that many techniques are used today, but in all reality what you do is the most important thing to work on in Anxiety Therapy. After this first understanding you should go back and do some homework on the fears that you suffer from, to help you find out what could be making you panic and turn to anxiety. Once you have discovered the things that you panic about you can start working on the exercises that will help you to be able to relax and not panic.

The most important thing to understand about anxiety therapy is that you are not to feel afraid. If you are not afraid to suffer with it, you will be able to come out of it stronger. The anxiety does not go away by itself and you must understand that. The way to get past it is to understand how it happens and then you can do the therapy. I have spent the last several years helping people to get past anxiety and the best thing that I have found is to make a commitment to myself to face it daily.

All my experiences have shown that the best approach to anxiety is to try to face it. To face it and deal with it. Once you realise how it occurs you will be more ready to do the therapy. To take the next step to treat your anxiety, you must have the following.

 * Confidence

 * Self-esteem

 * Acceptance

 * Self-responsibility

 * Being More Assertive

If you have these things you will get through the anxiety issues easily. In the process you will learn how to deal with it and how to build up your self-confidence. You will also learn that you have control over the anxiety, and you have a good foundation to overcome it.

Martin Dupuis