Israel Figa Says the Pandemic Will Cause Even More Unemployment

Israel Figa Says the Pandemic Will Cause Even More Unemployment

Dr. Israel Figa has raised a very important concern that many might not even be thinking about right now. He believes that the world will lose even more jobs than what people are predicting right now. When you talk about the job market, you usually think that the coronavirus is causing people to lose their jobs because the companies are looking to save money. They are letting their employees go and this is resulting in a huge unemployment issue. However, the experts and those who care think a step ahead from the rest of the people.

This is why you will have to pay attention to what Israel Figa has to say about the job loss and unemployment in the world after the pandemic. Why does he believe that we are going to lose more jobs than we imagine? Here are some points that he mentioned as his prediction.

More Business Will Shut Down This Year

Business can survive without any revenue only for a few days. You can’t think of your business continuing forever if you don’t have the right market conditions. When the pandemic was new, the businesses were not even taking it seriously. You had people who had their daily activities going on as per normal and even the shops and markets were opening without any issues. However, the second year was tougher for people because their anticipation that the virus was going to be over in a year was wrong. If you look at the conditions, the virus is going nowhere for the next year either.

In other words, there are many businesses that survived the first wave of the virus. However, these businesses have already taken a huge a hit. They might not be able to enter 2022 if they can’t live through 2021. Looking at the spreading of the virus around the world, you can’t really expect things to get better within months. You have to look at years if you are thinking about a world free of the coronavirus. So, when more businesses shut down, you will have more people unemployed in the market.

Robots Are Coming

Well, in the past, the experts used to think that the robots were never going to take the jobs of the humans. You can take the example of your electronic devices. Just because a smartphone came into the world does not mean people stopped using computers and tablets. In a similar way, people thought that machines were never going to replace humans. However, things are changing in the current world where the pandemic has caused the world to shut down, and the new practice is to be at least 6-feet away from others. This means companies will now have to move away from the conventional and traditional model.

Restaurants cannot serve food on the table anymore. It is recommended that if you have a restaurant then you only accept the takeaway and delivery orders. However, you have drone deliveries already in progress. If drones really become a great tool for delivering goods to people, the companies might not need human workers anymore, at least in the shipping department. When robots come, more people are going to lose their jobs.

Immigration Will Create Misbalance

In certain countries, people have become accustomed to traveling abroad for working. These people do not want to work in their own countries. So, what they will do is that as soon as borders open and airlines start, they will try to move to the country of choice. When they move to other countries, they will be entering economies that will already be under repair. In other words, these countries will not be able to offer them jobs that they used to before.

Final Thoughts

Unemployment is on the rise and it will only get worse with the passage of time. Even after the pandemic is over, according to Israel Figa, governments will need years before they can end the unemployment issue.

Jacques Bedard