Importance of Health Technology Companies in Data Security Protection

Importance of Health Technology Companies in Data Security Protection

Data security is a preventative practice or measure that protects and secures information. Doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners use technology to access, record, and update patient data. They use computers, laptops, and tabs, prone to viruses, malware, and data breaches. In 2020, hacking in the healthcare industry increased by 30%. Here are the reasons why health technology companies are crucial in data security protection.

Prevent Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Once hackers get patients’ data from the records, they can file insurance claims. They will be receiving payments on behalf of the patients without their knowledge. On that account, health technology companies mitigate the issue through data encryption. Hospitals and clinics can access antivirus software that safeguards electronic health records. Also, the companies can train staff on how to identify potential cyber-attacks. For instance, phishing emails are the leading cause of data breaches in the health sphere.

Manage Identity Theft

Patients usually register with social security numbers, photographs, dates of birth, names, and addresses. When that crucial information lands in the wrong hands, criminals could pose as patients. Tech businesses in health manage the issue by using multi-factor authentication to protect data. Typically, they use different verification methods to ensure they are dealing with clients and not hackers.

Ward off Illegal Drug Acquisition

When hackers access patient details, they can get prescription medication with sheer simplicity. It is possible to sell the drugs on the black market at a lower price. Many people across the United States suffer from drug addiction. Health tech companies can avert the situation by optimizing strong and unique passwords. The practice beefs up data safety in the healthcare industry. Patients will acquire the medicine they need to heal, and the wrong people won’t take the drugs.

Minimize Lawsuits

The healthcare sphere is prone to lawsuits due to frequent data breaches. As aforementioned, patients input their birth dates and social security numbers during registration. Also, credit card details are part of the information that hackers can access. In case of a security breach, patients sue the hospital or clinic for failure to protect their data. Health tech companies can avert the situation by use of system monitoring apps. This way, health facilities can keep tabs on the processes and detect potential cyber threats.

Control Data Loss

When health facilities lose data, the damage becomes irreparable. For example, if the hospital was researching potential vaccines or treatments, lost information is damaging. The healthcare sector spends tons of money to recover the data. If they can’t retrieve the information, resources are at stake. Cybersecurity is crucial in protecting all the data within medical care. Software that shields your organization from ransomware is essential.

Wrapping up

Health technology companies like CitiusTech play a pivotal role in preventing identity theft, lawsuits, and data loss. They manage illegal drug acquisition and fraudulent insurance claims. Hospitals and clinics can get the necessary training and software to combat cyber-attacks. This way, patients’ records will always be in safe hands and tight security. Plus, they will not incur expenses from data recovery and lawsuits.

Martin Dupuis