How The Long Island Colon Surgeons Perform Colectomy?

How The Long Island Colon Surgeons Perform Colectomy?

Colectomy is a part of the colon and rectal surgery. Long Island colon surgeons remove the dead or damaged colon part of the large intestine. Colon belongs to the large intestine. This is a tube-like organ at the end of the intestine.

The surgery of colectomy takes up to four hours. The patient needs general anesthesia for the operation. The recovery process takes up to two weeks of hospitalization. 

What Are The Different Types Of Colectomy Operations?

The Major Four Types Of Colectomy Operations Are Listed Below:


  • Total Colectomy: It involves eliminating the total colon from the intestine. 
  • Partial Colectomy: It removes only a part of collecting. This operation is often known as a subtotal colectomy. 
  • Hemicolectomy: Hemicolectony only removes either the left or right portion of the colon. 
  • Proctocolectomy: In this process, both the right and left part of the colon gets eliminated from the intestine. 

What Is The Process Of Colectomy

Colectomy is the treatment option for colon diseases like colon inflammation, cancer, etc. The colectomy is done in two ways. The doctor assesses the damage of your colon to decide the best colon and rectal surgery for your colon. These two days are:

  • Open Colectomy

In this process, the doctor makes a larger incision in the middle of the abdomen. Then he pulls out the colon on the abdominal wall. In open colectomy, the doctor can remove the entire part of the colon, rectus as anus. 

  • Laparoscopic-Assisted Colectomy

It needs a small incision. The doctor uses a camera through the incision to watch the colon. Doctors use this method for small types of cancer. However, this gives less pain due to small incisions. The patient also gets quicker recovery. 

What Are The Reasons For Colectomy

The colectomy involves different reasons. Some of the common reasons for colectomy are:

  1. In case the colon has any obstruction or twisting, it needs colectomy. 
  2. If there is cancer and tumor formation in the colon.
  3. Colectomy is done when the colon has a severe infection like complicated diverticulitis.
  4. A digestive disorder like ulcerative colitis may lead to colectomy.
  5. If the colon gets any injury, it may need colectomy. 

Final Words

The people can live without a colon. But in that case, small bag implantation takes the place of the colon. It collects stools from the body. If you are going through colon problems, come and discuss the matter with Long Island colon surgeons. We will give you the best solution. 


Johnny Burrell