How much is the CBD treat for dogs safe?

How much is the CBD treat for dogs safe?

In the few years, the CBD has come in great demand for pet care. Today, you can normally find CBD in treats, toys, food, pillows, and shampoos. Pet owners want to know whether CBD products for dogs are safe or not.

Here is the simple evidence: CBD is not only easily tolerated by dogs, but they also become habitual of it. CBD is considered a natural remedy that provides many wellness benefits to dogs. It will take care of your dogs and keep them away from distressing situations.

In the short term, CBD treats for dogs help improve your dogs’ well-being. Follow the article and learn more about how CBD products for the dog are considered safe.

Overview of CBD

CBD ( cannabidiol) is a natural compound present in the hemp plants. This natural compound, Holistapet CBD, treats dogs and interacts with the receptors in dogs’ organs, muscles, and nervous systems.

 Also, these receptors for ECS ( endocannabinoid system) help to regulate the important functions of dogs like mood, sleep, memory, gut health, appetite, temperature, and immune response.

CBD can provide a boost to ECS by stimulating the receptors in the body of your dog. Proper functioning of ECS is important for the wellness and overall health of your dog.

It is safe to provide CBD to dogs.

According to the WHO ( world health organization) reports, it is determined that dogs can tolerate CBD with proper safety. The reports conclude that CBD is not addictive and causes no harm to your dogs.

Today, many dog owners provide CBD to their pets regularly.

Pros of CBD to your dog health

CBD brings short-term and long terms benefits to your dog. Here are some of the benefits made to your dog’s health by taking CBD

  • Improved mood
  • Relief from skin irritation and muscle soreness
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced hyperactivity and nervousness
  • Healthier coats and skin
  • Improve the digestive and appetite function

Right dose of CBD you should give your dog

The right and recommended dose of Holistapet CBD treats for dogs is based on your dog’s weight. It is suggested to give a regular CBD dose of 0.25mg per pound of dog body weight or a strong CBD dose of 0.50 mg per pound of your dog’s body weight.

You can also check the dosing chart online to give a more accurate dose to your dogs. If you want to provide a dose of CBD to your dog to deal with a particular problem, then you should first ask the vet whether the stronger or small CBD dose is best for your dog.

Martin Dupuis