Different Types of Laser Fat Removal

Different Types of Laser Fat Removal

People who suffer from obesity wish to lose weight for a healthy life. Obesity can lead to heart problems, breathing issues, and immunity disorders. In the long run, it becomes difficult to even move from one place to another. Many people in Los Angeles, CA suffer from obesity and are clueless about how to lose weight. If you have too much fat in your body, it would be difficult to get rid of them through exercise and diet. In such situations, you can consider going for the laser fat removal method.

Types of Laser Fat Removal process

Some of the widely accepted options of fat removal are mentioned below:

  • Liposuction– It is also known as laser lipo and is a great alternative to the traditional form of liposuction. In this process, a physician uses laser energy and liquefies the fat of a particular area. A thin tube or cannula is used to remove the fat. During the process, local anesthesia is offered to the person. It takes around 1 hour or a little less than that to complete the treatment.
  • Zerona– Zerona Laser is a method of fat removal that has acquired FDA approval in the year 2010. It became instantly popular in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Low-level laser therapy is used for treatment. The therapy targets and liquefies the content of the fat cells. After the contents are removed, the fat cells remain in the body, but gradually they get eliminated. There are very few side effects in this process.
  • SculpSure– SculpSure gained FDA approval to remove fat in 2015. The duration of the treatment is 25 minutes. In the treatment, lasers are used to target the fat cells heat them. The structure gets damaged due to the high heat. To prevent your skin from burns, the cooling mechanism is extensively used in the process. The process is not painful, but you might feel a warm sensation.

Multiple cosmetic treatments use advanced laser technology to eradicate fatty lumps. Before opting for any of them, you should understand the procedure and decide which one would be suitable for you. You can choose any of the ones mentioned above.

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