Debunking the Common Lipoplasty Myths

Debunking the Common Lipoplasty Myths

Most people want to maintain a healthy weight by engaging in a healthy diet and carrying out regular exercises. However, there are instances where they may fail to have the desired results regardless of applying these measures. After this failure, most embraced liposuction, a popular procedure accepted globally. The procedure helps to remove fats from areas such as the buttocks, neck, abdomen, thighs, and neck. Due to its effectiveness, most individuals continue to have Queens lipoplasty as a weight management technique. The following are the common lipoplasty myths you should stop believing in.  

It is Dangerous

Before undergoing any treatment, most individuals usually check the risk that they will have. Even though every surgery has a degree of risk, liposuction techniques are highly sophisticated. To prevent such risk, a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon should carry out the procedure. The patient should also follow the post-surgical instructions. If these procedures are applied, they will be as successful and safe as the other surgical procedures.

It is Only Carried out for Women

Over the years, most people believed this procedure was supposed to be applied to women. However, some men have started applying this procedure. Most men seek liposuction of the abdomen since it helps create more defined abdominal muscles. Moreover, it helps remove all the love handles.

Any Surgeon Can Carry out the Procedure

Since there has been an increase in demand for liposuction surgery, different physicians with varying specialties have begun to give this surgery. This has increased the risk that people are likely to suffer since this is a sensitive surgery that could have critical results if it fails. You should conduct extensive research on plastic surgeons to ensure they are board certified and specialized to carry out the surgery.

It Is Painful

This is one of the myths that have misled people not to seek treatment. Over the years, there has been an improvement in surgical procedures where different measures have been employed to reduce pain. The person is only likely to suffer from mild discomfort since the procedure is carried out under modern-day liposuction, which is not painful. In most instances, the patient resumes normal activities after a few days since they will recover fast.

The Results are Magic and Permanent

When having the surgery, people believe they will have permanent results that will not change regardless of their lifestyle. In most instances, the liposuction results are aimed to be long-lasting. However, even though this is the target, the person will require some effort to make these results last. For instance, the person is supposed to continue eating a balanced diet and exercising. However, if you stop living a healthy lifestyle, you could start moving back to your old self.

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