Breaking Down the Myths and Misconceptions About Spravato

Breaking Down the Myths and Misconceptions About Spravato

Spravato is a new medication approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating, treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Despite its effectiveness in treating this serious mental health condition, many myths and misconceptions surrounding this medication can make it difficult for patients and their families to make informed decisions about Breakthru Psychiatric Solutions. Below, we debunk some myths and misconceptions about Spravato.

Myth #1: Spravato is a recreational drug

Spravato is a recreational drug that can be abused or used for non-medical purposes. This myth is not true. Spravato is a prescription medication only available through a restricted distribution program. 

Myth #2: Spravato is addictive

Spravato is a type of Ketamine, sometimes used as a recreational drug; it has been formulated to reduce the potential for abuse and addiction. The medication is exclusively administered under the careful oversight of a doctor, thereby decreasing the risk of abuse.

Myth #3: Spravato is a cure for depression

Spravato has been shown to be effective in treating TRD; however, it is not a cure for depression. Depression is a complex mental health condition requiring a comprehensive treatment approach. Spravato is one tool in the toolbox for treating this condition. Patients considering Spravato as a treatment option should also receive other forms of therapy, such as psychotherapy, to address the underlying causes of their depression.

Myth #4: Spravato has serious side effects

Like all medications, Spravato can have side effects. However, many of the side effects associated with this medication are mild and go away on their own. The side effects include dizziness and nausea. Patients may also experience temporary changes in blood pressure and heart rate during treatment. 

Myth #5: Spravato is too expensive

Spravato is too expensive for most patients to afford. Although the medication can be costly, financial assistance programs and insurance are available to help offset the treatment cost. 

Myth #6: Spravato is only for severe cases of depression

While it is true that Spravato has been approved for treating TRD, defined as depression that has not responded adequately to at least two other antidepressant treatments, it can also be effective in treating other forms of depression, such as Seasonal affective disorder. Patients with depression should talk to their doctor about whether Spravato may be a suitable treatment option, regardless of its severity.

Myth #7: Spravato causes psychosis

Spravato can cause side effects such as dissociation, confusion, and sedation, but no evidence suggests it causes psychosis. In clinical trials, the incidence of psychotic events was low, and they were not common in patients receiving Spravato compared to those receiving a placebo. 

Myth #11: Spravato is not safe for long-term use

Spravato is a relatively new treatment option for depression, and no evidence suggests it is unsafe for long-term use. The FDA has approved Spravato for short-term and long-term use in patients with TRD. As with any medication, patients should have regular check-ins to monitor their response to treatment and any potential side effects.

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Johnny Burrell