What You Should Know Before Starting a Weight Loss Medication

As many Americans continue to battle with weight reduction, new approaches are emerging to make the process simpler. Those who do not wish to undergo invasive and time-consuming treatments such as liposuction may consider obtaining a prescription for weight-loss drugs instead.

Though formerly solely available to diabetic patients, there are now treatments available to people suffering from obesity, both on and off-label. However, you cannot begin utilizing any drug without first learning how it works and how to use it. Before calling your doctor or an online healthcare facility like Ivím Health, consult the following article to ensure that therapy is appropriate for you.

Medication Comes in a Variety of Forms

There are now three types of weight loss medicines on the market. All of them are GLP-1 medicines that suppress appetite.

  • Semaglutide is the most popular form, and it is offered to both diabetics (Ozempic and Rybelsus) and non-diabetics (Wegovy). These are typically administered once a week.
  • Another prevalent kind of drug is liraglutide, which is available under the brand names Victoza and Saxenda. These are provided to diabetics and are taken more regularly than a semaglutide, used once daily.
  • The most recent addition, tirzepatide, was authorized in 2022. Mounjaro is only formally FDA-regulated for persons with diabetes, although it can be administered off-label for others. In addition to suppressing appetite, tirzepatide aids in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates.


Apart from the fact that there are many types of weight reduction medicines, the methods by which they are administered also vary. While liraglutide and tirzepatide are both injectables, semaglutide can be given as a shot or tablet. However, the decision you make will affect how quickly you notice results.

This is because of bio-availability, which relates to a drug’s potency. Injectables are administered straight into the circulation, allowing them to begin working nearly immediately, whereas tablets must be digested after ingestion. This means that a Rybelsus weight loss treatment will be slower than with Olympic therapy. As a result, Ivím Health solely provides injectable prescriptions to its patients.

It Takes Time to See Results

Even while we all wish we could lose weight with the flick of a finger, that is not how life really works. You must be patient since any drug takes time for your body to adjust to its effects. Using weight loss medication coupled with higher dosages will take a month or two.

As Ivím Health has seen with its clients, improvements might become extremely dramatic after a year of use. Semaglutide patients, for example, have a 15% reduction in body fat, whereas tirzepatide has a 22% reduction in body fat.

You Can Get Assistance Online

One difficulty that many people who wish to use weight reduction medication face is getting a prescription. They may believe there is no hope for them if they do not have a primary care physician or health insurance. However, there are now online healthcare providers that may offer medications even if you don’t have insurance.

It’s simple to see why Ivím Health is America’s number one online weight loss clinic. They personalize your care in every manner possible, including the physician you work with. After completing an onboarding evaluation, you will be connected with a specialist who will help you locate the proper prescription as well as specific diet and exercise programs. All of this information is available in a single app, which also allows you to track your progress and stay inspired.

Ivím Health also provides accessibility programs that allow you to acquire your prescriptions with discounts of up to 20%, so your medicine does not cost you your entire life savings. An additional 40-50% can reduce in the first three months! Additionally, your medicines will be sent to your pharmacist within two days of payment, allowing you to get started right away.

There are various strategies to reduce weight, but often a combination of techniques is required to achieve the desired outcomes. When exercise and a healthy diet aren’t enough, check to see whether Ivím Health’s program is available in your state. Discover what sets them apart from the competition and get started on a better and happier lifestyle.

Jacques Bedard