Beta-Alanine: All you Need to Know about Pre-workout Supplements

Beta-Alanine: All you Need to Know about Pre-workout Supplements

I want to start eating clean, or I want to start exercising to get fit. This has become a chorus nowadays with the increased change of lifestyle. Taking on exercising challenges is an awesome move, but how do you prepare yourself before hitting the gym? Pre-workout supplements are a better addition to your meals to improve muscle stamina and endurance. Most pre-workout supplements include Beta-alanine, creatine, carbohydrates, and proteins, although the list is huge. Maybe you keep hearing your gym-mates saying pre-workout but have no idea what they are implying. Worry no more! This article gives an insight of what pre-workout is all about.

What do you mean by Pre-workout?

Pre-workout supplements are dietary formulations designed to provide energy, making exercising less painful and more fun. They are taken before starting the workouts or added in drinking water, depending on the prescription. These products come in the form of powders, pills, or other forms. Many market products contain beta-alanine, alone or combined with other components like caffeine and creatine.

What Guides you when Buying a pre-workout supplement?

Like any other shopping, you should plan when you are purchasing pre-workout supplements. What aspect do you focus on when getting the best package?

  • Its need

Since you have an idea of what pre-workout is, you also have to evaluate your needs since each supplement combo acts differently. These products give maximum time endurance, boost power before exercising, or improve the whole workout power. Each need is tied to a specific component in the supplement; thus, you need to check out what is contained in the pre-workout you opt to buy.

  • Time of use

When taking a medicinal prescription, the physician specifies when to take medicine and its dosage. Similarly, pre-workout supplements are classified differently based on their time of use. We have the morning, mid-day, night, and all-time use. The time factor is a key aspect, and this also depends on when you feel comfortable taking the supplement. Look out for the specifications to ensure you get what works best for you.

  • The price

Pre-workout packages are many in the market. Their prices vary greatly based on the product’s quality, brand, and quantity. When you look for the best healthy package, you need to have your budget. There is a package for everyone out there just that their specifications bring the difference. Settle for bulk package course they are economical.

  • Your purchase goals

Going to the gym, we all have different goals to attain at the end of the day. When buying the pre-workout product, you should evaluate your purpose. Why do you need it for? To help eliminate fatigue, give you endurance through cardio/aerobics or muscle power for bodybuilding. Once you evaluate your aim, it becomes easier to get the perfect formulation.


Refrain from rushing to buy pre-training formulation because your friend is using it. What works for them would be unnecessary to your purpose, needs, and timing. Be sure to deal with known brands whose safety has been evaluated.

Jacques Bedard