Are Prohormones Safe to Use for Your Muscle Building?

Are Prohormones Safe to Use for Your Muscle Building?

Most bodybuilders prefer to take certain performance drugs before participating in any professional competition. These drugs are available in many forms and they can also be purchased over-the-counter.

They are also known as prohormones UK, which is a chemical compound and many people know these drugs as over-the-counter androgen. The manufacturers of these prohormones claim that they will not only help in building muscles, but also can burn fat. These prohormones are generally considered illegal in the USA, like steroids.

What are prohormones? 

When these prohormones enter the body, they will be converted into anabolic hormones by an enzymatic process that can help in generating protein synthesis and can stimulate muscle growth.

These kinds of supplements can produce prompt results and help bodybuilders to change their body composition to the next gear within a very short time.

However, remember all the gain obtained from these prohormones will only be for a short period and comes with a price. They will increase your testosterone levels, and as a result, there can be plenty of side effects that you generally observe by taking any illegal anabolic steroids.

Should you try prohormones?

So far no sufficient research has gone into this prohormone and hence with the available information, one cannot suggest this drug confidently to any bodybuilder whether supplementing with drug along with their usual diet will really help.

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More trials will be needed and results are to be measured and checked whether it really makes any difference in the muscles as claimed by the manufacturer. Till then it will be better to rely on a certain safe supplement that can offer proven results. 

According to the AHA (American Heart Association), moderate-to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activities, e.g. lifting weights or employing bodyweight training, at least for 2 days per week are the most effective strategy to boost muscle growth.

Who should avoid using these prohormones?

Due to various side effects and also the absence of sufficient evidence, you must approach these prohormone supplements with a lot of caution. Therefore, before anyone ever considers taking these prohormones one should consult with their physician before using them.

However, using this prohormone may particularly be dangerous for people in the following groups –

  • Those who are under the age of 18 years
  • Women who are breastfeeding
  • Women who are pregnant or those who are actively trying to conceive
  • Those who are trying to lose weight

What you should do?

Preferably you must spend less time in a sitting position and slowly increase your exercise intensity over some time.

Before you begin your routine of muscle-building exercise, you are going to benefit from seeking any advice from a certain healthcare professional and also a registered dietitian. Such a team can help you to decide what will be best for your body.

Also, you must consider any medications that you may be taking by confirming from your doctor any potential drug interactions prior to taking prohormones. There is every likelihood that your medications will not suit you for heavy workout.


Paul Proulx