An Internist’s perspective on the importance of a healthy lifestyle

An Internist’s perspective on the importance of a healthy lifestyle

Salt Lake City integrative oncology taught me something valuable. It’s not just about healing the sick, it’s about preventing illness in the first place. The key is a healthy lifestyle. Imagine you’re running a marathon. You need fuel, right? But not just any fuel. You need the right balance of foods, enough sleep, and plenty of exercise. It’s the same with our bodies. To prevent illness, we need the right balance of good nutrition, adequate rest, and regular physical activity. That’s the secret sauce. That’s the magic that keeps us healthy. Internists see the difference it makes every single day.

The Art of Balance

You’ve got a seesaw. On one end, there’s good nutrition. On the other, there’s regular physical activity. And resting in the middle? That’s where you get adequate sleep. It’s a balancing act, and if one side gets too heavy, the whole thing tips over. That’s what happens with our bodies too. Too much food and not enough exercise, you tip over. Not enough sleep, you tip over. It’s about finding that perfect balance.

Nutrition: The Fuel

Think of your body as a car. You wouldn’t put the wrong petrol in your car, would you? It’s the same with our bodies. They need the right fuel to function properly. Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins – these are all premium fuel for our bodies. Fast food, sugary snacks – that’s your cheap petrol. It might get you going for a bit, but it’s not good in the long run.

Exercise: The Ignition

Now, you can have all the fuel in the world, but if you don’t ignite it, it’s no good. That’s where exercise comes in. It ignites the fuel, gets your body moving, and keeps everything ticking over. It’s not just about weight loss either. It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes – the list goes on.

Sleep: The Maintenance

Ever left a car sitting for too long without driving it? It starts to fall apart. That’s what happens to our bodies when we don’t get enough sleep. It’s our body’s maintenance time when we recharge and repair. Without it, we’re like that unused car, starting to fall apart.

The Internist’s Role

An internist is like a mechanic. They can help you fine-tune your balance, making sure you’ve got just the right amount of fuel, ignition, and maintenance. But remember, it’s a team effort. You’ve got to show up and do the work. Together, we can ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle, preventing illness before it even becomes a worry.

Jacques Bedard