9 Benefits Of Opting For Phlebotomy Services In India

9 Benefits Of Opting For Phlebotomy Services In India

Phlebotomy is the surgical opening of a vein, usually in the arm, for withdrawing blood. It’s helping for the diagnosis of various medical conditions. Phlebotomy is used for testing and for treatment too, called therapeutic phlebotomy. 

Flebo.in provides professional and expert services in phlebotomy. You will find the latest technologies here and skilled resources. To make a booking for a phlebotomy test, click here.

Benefits of phlebotomy services 

We offer the best phlebotomy services with the help of our expert crew. We assure you do not have to worry at all if you choose us. The benefits Flebo.in offers are:

  • Quick Booking

On Flebo.in, you can easily book an appointment for an unfussy, skilful home collection of your blood sample.

  • Your Test, Your Lab, Your Place, Your Time

You can choose any test you require to do from a lab of your own choice. There’s no restriction of time and place. You will decide when and where you want the test done and our people will be there at your service on time. You do not have to worry about service delays. Our professionals reach your location within the time slot booked by you. You will find this convenient with us.

  • Easily access your reports

You can access the reports of the test whenever you want. In other cases, you have a definite period during which you have to collect the test report from the specific lab. You have to manage your time and work accordingly which can be difficult. But with Flebo.in, you can access your test report whenever you are comfortable from the website. You can access it after one week or after one year, the record will forever be saved on your Flebo.in an account. You have to log in to the website with your phone number and OTP.

  • Highest Quality Equipment and Process

Our equipment is approved by the FDA. We have state of the art Vacutainers from BD which give you a smooth experience. Samples can get wasted in heat. The backpacks have been specially designed with cold gel to preserve the samples during transportation.

  • Certified phlebotomists

Our phlebotomists are well qualified and experienced. Their skillset will give you a painless phlebotomy experience. Their work is very neat and clean and you can be assured about hygiene. They aim for customer satisfaction. You will not find this combination of expertise and cordiality anywhere else. Our phlebotomists are highly reliable.

  • Verified Labs

Our labs are verified and certified. Labs of Flebo.in are present in each person’s neighbourhood. They are sanitized and at your service to provide you with accurate results.

  • On-Time Reports

Our labs work very fast and swiftly. They make sure you receive your important reports on time as promised. If there is any delay in the delivery of reports without a valid reason, your money will be returned to you.

  • Tests for Vitals

On Flebo.in you can access phlebotomy tests for all the important vitals like heart, liver, lungs, kidney, bones, thyroid.

  • Heart Tests- Echocardiogram, ECG, MRI, CT Scan, TEE. 
  • Liver Tests-Alanine Transaminase Test, Albumin Test, Bilirubin Test, Aspartate Aminotransferase Test. 
  • Lungs Test- Chest X-Ray, CT Scan, PFTs, Lungs biopsy, MRI Scan, Chest Tube, VATs. 
  • Kidney Tests- Urinalysis, Serum Creatinine Test, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Estimated GFR. 
  • Thyroid Tests- Thyroid Ultrasound, Thyroid Scan, Thyroid Biopsy, TSH, T3 & T4 Thyroxine, Thyroglobulins.

  • Wellness Tests

The wellness tests the customer can access here are- diabetes tests, HIV tests, Pregnancy tests, Arthritis tests, Allergy tests, Hormone tests. 

Flebo.in is a customer-centric phlebotomy centre. It is a first of its kind in the field of phlebotomy. It focuses on customer service and professionalism. You can book blood collection at any time and a location of your choice. We provide you with highly convenient service.

Jacques Bedard