5 Things To Bring To A Vein Clinic Before Getting A Procedure

Even though varicose veins are not contagious or life-threatening, 10% to 30% of each country’s population suffers from this condition. In 2021, YouGov conducted a survey and found that one in three people has varicose veins and needs treatment in Singapore.

If you belong to that category and this will be your first time going to a vein clinic in Singapore to get treated, make sure to bring the following. Doing so will help you maximise your experience and receive optimal results.

1. Loose-Fitting But Comfortable Clothes

After getting varicose veins treatment in Singapore, expect the treated areas to become sensitive. If you wear tight-fitting clothes, the fabric will only rub the treated areas, causing more damage. Plus, you will feel uncomfortable.

2. Compressions Socks Or Stockings

Besides wearing loose-fitting clothes after the procedure, the vascular doctor will recommend you wear compression socks or stockings to compress the pooling of blood that will flow around the treated veins.

3. Something Entertaining

Even though the duration of vascular vein treatment is much shorter than endovascular surgery,  you will feel bored waiting for the anaesthesia to take effect and for the vascular surgeon in Singapore to start the procedure.

4. A Companion

Whether a friend or a family member, you need a companion to guide you home since your legs are not in good condition to commute alone.

5. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Once the procedure ends and you leave the vein clinic in Singapore, the vein doctor will advise you to walk for 30 minutes before resting at home.

The things to bring are the same, even if you get spider vein treatment in Singapore. The only time things will be different is when you undergo endovascular surgery since it takes two to four hours and involves incisions.


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Jacques Bedard