4 Main Core Functions Of Physiotherapy For Your Health Recovery

Physiotherapy is a discipline in the medical profession. It serves in maintaining, promoting and restoring health from injuries and various conditions in various methods. One common method is diagnoses, physical intervention and rehabilitation. A physiotherapist in Singapore can help you restore your health and recover your body’s strength when experiencing an injury or illness.

Several injuries and conditions may hinder your ability to perform your daily task. However, you can resolve these problems by a proper change in lifestyle to maintain your health and reduce the severity of an illness or injury. Along with proper physiotherapy, it serves its role to improve your health through:

1. Acute rehabilitation

Acute rehabilitation or acute care is one of the primary roles of physical therapy to restore health. It is an active form of treatment for attending to immediate, major medical trauma that requires serious treatment effort for recovery. Every treatment for physio in Singapore will have to assess and evaluate whether a patient is in need of acute rehabilitation.

2. Injury prevention

Every best physiotherapist in Singapore should work on an effective treatment plan to assess the risk of injury. Therapists work on providing all the necessary resources and prescribed treatment to prevent injuries upon participating in a specific sport or activity.

3. Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation therapy aims to improve the quality of life to restore your body’s natural ability to function. Every sports physiotherapy in Singapore utilises rehabilitation. These rehabilitation treatment plans are composed of prescribed exercises to help gradually improve your body’s ability to move during recovery from an injury or illness.

4. Performance enhancement

Physical therapy or physiotherapy also serves to provide enhancement not just for injured patients. But for every athlete’s performance through assessment and evaluation. Physical tests and examinations can help optimise and pinpoint underlying concerns that can hinder your body to achieve its optimal performance.

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Martin Dupuis