5 Common Men’s Health Concerns To Look Out For

5 Common Men’s Health Concerns To Look Out For

While it might be hard for men to accept it, the reality is they are especially prone to a range of medical concerns, ranging from prostate to heart issues. Besides, men see their physicians less frequently than women for medical concerns that, if detected early, are avoidable. If you want to take charge of your health, El Centro men’s health specialist Dr. Prabhdeep Singh advises you to begin by emphasizing preventative measures. From healthy dieting to ceasing bad habits such as smoking and missing routine health checks, here are several measures you could adopt to prevent typical men’s health concerns.

1) Heart Illnesses

Men increasingly die from cardiovascular illnesses. To address these concerns, men should take a proactive role in maintaining their heart health by addressing specific risk factors. For instance, one should consume a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits, stop smoking, remain active, lower stress, and take prescribed medications. Additionally, ensure you have routine checks. These consultations are a chance to receive screenings or tests for your cholesterol and blood pressure levels that could help detect cardiac issues before they become severe.

2) Cancer

According to the CDC, cancer is the second greatest reason for death amongst American males, behind cardiovascular disease. Men are frequently diagnosed with lung, skin, colorectal, and prostate malignancies. Specialists recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle and frequent checkups to prevent certain malignancies. Nonetheless, simple activities such as using sunscreen, stopping smoking, avoiding red or processed meat, and discussing testing with your healthcare professional could significantly reduce your cancer risk.

3) Erectile Dysfunction

Although erectile dysfunction is widespread in men, particularly those above 75 years old, it should not affect your sexual life. Besides using drugs, restricting alcohol consumption, and stopping smoking could help avoid this issue. However, it is still essential to see a doctor as this concern could signal more significant complications like hypertension or diabetes.

4) Diabetes

Men are more likely than women to develop type 2 diabetes at a reduced weight. Partly, this vulnerability is because males have higher abdominal fat, which increases the risk for this chronic condition. Weight management and increased physical activity could help minimize this risk. Moreover, knowing your susceptibility to prediabetes can help you take early action.

5) HPV and other STDs

Human papillomavirus (HPV), one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted infections, often resolves by itself. Unfortunately, some men infected with HPV might acquire other health issues like genital warts or penile cancer. Although HPV vaccines could help avoid infection, they are most likely effective for persons below 26 years old. Therefore, to avoid HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), condoms are an essential tool.

Regardless of the health problems you might encounter, you could take charge of your health by adopting preventive and proactive measures today. Care for your body from the inside out, and view your healthcare professional as a partner in your health. At Prabhdeep Singh, M.D., F.A.C.P., your physician could direct you towards appropriate testing, respond to your questions, and set you on the route to improved health. For the best in men’s health care, call the El Centro, CA office or request an online appointment.

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