Top six myths about the mouthguards that you should stop believing today

Top six myths about the mouthguards that you should stop believing today

While maintaining the body’s physical fitness, individuals engage in different sporting activities. The choice of the activity you engage in depends on your interest, health condition, and age. You should always select the sporting activity that works best for your health. While on the field, the players are exposed to many injuries, such as tooth and jawbone fractures. Therefore, the individuals participating in the high contact games such as basketball should wear Georgetown mouthguards to safeguard their teeth. The following are the myths revolving around the mouthguards that you need to stop believing today.

They are not reliable in protecting the teeth

Many people believe wearing mouth guards will cause more pain in their teeth. Although wearing these appliances for a long time might have an itchy feeling on your teeth, it does not mean that they are ineffective in protecting your teeth from injuries. Notably, this equipment reduces the excessive impact force exerted on your teeth during sports.

Only sportspeople can use the mouthguards

The mention of the mouth guards leaves many people thinking of the protective gear relevant in the sports industry. However, this equipment is not limited to sportspeople. The dentist can offer mouth guards to patients suffering from bruxism. In this case, the mouthguards will prevent excessive teeth grinding among patients with bruxism.

You cannot use the mouth guards if you have braces

Sometimes, you could have a misalignment in your teeth, which may necessitate you to seek braces to straighten your teeth. While wearing braces, you may think you are not good at using mouth guards. Nevertheless, the braces cannot limit you from fixing the mouth guards in your mouth. The dentist will offer customized procedures for your comfort to fit these appliances, depending on the brace arrangement in your mouth.

The mouth guards only protect the teeth

Some believe this equipment cannot protect any other part of the mouth other than the teeth. This misconception arises from the fact these appliances are fixed in your teeth. Despite protecting your teeth from external impact, mouthguards protect the jaw bone from fracture. Therefore, individuals wearing mouthguards are less likely to have jaw complications while playing.

You must wear the mouth guards in any contact game

Many people argue that you must wear mouth guards whenever you engage in a contact game such as football. However, the truth is that it is only in boxing where wearing mouthguards are compulsory worldwide. Wearing these appliances is optional for the rest of the sports, such as football.

Bigger mouth guards are better than the smaller ones

Individuals should understand that different sizes of mouthguards have nothing to do with the effectiveness of protecting the tooth. The specialists usually design this equipment depending on the mouth size of the users. Therefore, you should look for a mouth guard that matches your mouth to avoid breathing complications associated with oversized appliances.

Sporting activities are vital in maintaining the physical fitness of your body. However, when you are out there engaging in contact games, you are more vulnerable to injuries in your teeth which can ruin your smile. Therefore, you should contact RR Dentistry, where a team of experienced dentists delivers the mouth guards at your convenience if you reside in Georgetown, Texas. Book an appointment and visit the facility for more information concerning these protective gears.

Martin Dupuis