Why Retainers Might Be the Best Solution for Your Misaligned Teeth

Why Retainers Might Be the Best Solution for Your Misaligned Teeth

Having misaligned teeth impacts your appearance and the quality of your smile. Smiling while taking pictures or before a camera becomes challenging because you are cautious of your outlook. People go out of their way to find a solution to their misaligned teeth to help improve their appearance and smile.

Among the commonly preferred solutions are Greenwich retainers, especially if you want to avoid seeking attention. Retainers help improve the alignment of your teeth, and people can hardly tell that you have foreign material in your mouth. Some of the reasons why people opt for retainers are discussed below.

Helps with speech impediments

Some people have problems with saying certain words because of the placement of their teeth. In such cases, a retainer can help you form sounds correctly. It can also help correct speech impediments commonly caused by tongue thrust.

Such concerns occur when your tongue protrudes through your teeth when speaking. You may require a specialized retainer, commonly called a tongue cage, for this concern. The role of a tongue cage is to prevent speech impediments resulting from tongue thrust.

Keeps your teeth aligned

It takes quite some time before your teeth settle and remain in their new position. The reason is that your muscles, bones, and gum tissue have to adapt to the change that the treatment has caused. Therefore, you must wear your retainers to help them adapt to the changes, and the teeth can settle into the new position.

Failure to have your retainers on can make the teeth return to their original position. Ensure you wear your retainers for the recommended time to help you enjoy the benefits of the orthodontic treatment performed to help align your teeth. You should consider retainers to help you attain permanent results.

Helps simplify diabetes

When adults and kids correctly wear retainers to help align, it also benefits them in other ways. For instance, it helps reduce your risk of oral or general health. Poor oral health is often associated with blood-related concerns such as diabetes.

Therefore, wearing a retainer makes flossing and brushing teeth easy, thus improving oral hygiene. Wearing retainers can help counteract other ailments such as diabetes. It is much easier to brush and floss your teeth when you have retainers compared to when you have braces.

Prevents clenching

After taking your braces off or you stop wearing Invisalign, you usually experience some discomfort. In most cases, you start clenching your teeth to try to adapt to the new sensations. Clenching your teeth is not healthy because it predisposes you to develop tooth cavities.

If you develop a habit of clenching your teeth, the outer layer of your teeth becomes worn out, increasing your risk of tooth cavities and decay. Your care provider may recommend you wear retainers to prevent you from clenching your teeth. Doing so also prevents other problems, such as teeth grinding and headache.

Improving the alignment of your teeth makes you look and feel at your best and boosts your confidence. You can smile and interact with new individuals freely without worrying about judgment. You can therefore smile while taking pictures or before cameras.

You can enhance the alignment of your teeth by scheduling your appointment at Greenwich Dentistry. Your care providers offer the best retainers that will be comfortable in your mouth. The retainers cannot injure your cheeks, tongue, or lips because they are not made of metal.

Paul Proulx