Why Is A Regular Dental Checkup Important?

Why Is A Regular Dental Checkup Important?

Most people don’t consider their teeth examination as a part of regular medical checkups due to many reasons like fear. It seems scary to visit a dentist but not more than losing your teeth. It is recommended to have a dental checkup every six months or a year to know about the condition of your teeth and gums. Everything may appear to be right but there could be a hidden problem and a dentist has the appropriate equipment to detect those.

Visiting a trusted dental clinic is a good option like RiverEdge Dental which is committed to providing the best dental care to you and your family in a clean and comfy environment. A dental visit has two parts. The first one is an examination in which the dentist will do an X-ray or check the condition of the parts of your mouth. In the second one, he/she will lead to the cure of the problem. If the condition is not good, scheduled appointments will be made.

Importance Of A Regular Dental Checkup

●     Prevents Your Teeth From Plaque And Decay

Some of our teeth, like molars, are not cleaned properly. Visiting a dentist regularly can save them from decaying. Plaque is the sticky coating on teeth that can serve as a site for bacterial proliferation. It can be removed with proper brushing and flossing but once hardened, it becomes tartar which cannot be treated at home. Dentists do scaling to remove tartar and give them their real appearance by polishing.

Early dental problems like small cavities and gingivitis can be treated by fluoride treatment but for the large cavities, dental fillings are done. In the end, flossing makes your teeth free of any debris.

●     Keeps Gum Diseases Away

Unhealthy gums can lead to serious illnesses like oral cancers. Weak gums are the cause of tooth loss during older age. All these things can be prevented by seeing your dentist regularly. Dentists check for the swelling, redness, or deeper spaces between your teeth or gums that are the signs of gum diseases. Your other body parts like throat, tongue, and neck are also examined to check for any sign of oral cancer.

●     Educate On The Dental Hygiene

Many people have little or no knowledge about proper dental hygiene. Some of them are maybe unfamiliar with flossing and brush rarely. All seems good at an early age, but with time gums weaken and tooth decay. A dentist can educate such people about the importance of proper dental hygiene to avoid any issue. Regular checkups can tell you about the healthy diet and essential measures you should take for clean and healthy teeth.

What Should You Do Between Every Visit?

Between your visits to a dentist, take proper care of your teeth. Brush at least twice a day and floss for a minimum of one time per day. Using a mouthwash can also keep the plaque bacteria and bad smell away.


A good smile boosts your confidence that is possible with healthy and clean teeth. Visiting your dentist at RiverEdge Dental regularly and keeping in touch with them during the appointments pave the way to a healthy lifestyle.

Clare Louise