Why a cycle is a better option for a ride than a motorbike?

Why a cycle is a better option for a ride than a motorbike?

Cycles were the first single-person usage self-transport vehicles that came ever into the history of transportation. After years of evolution in their transition now we have some best models and versatile options in bikes. Bikes were the reason and also inspiration for the manufacturing of modern-day bikes and scooters. These days there is a question that goes around asking whether cycles are the better option for transportation? The first answer one could say is definitely motorbikes without hesitation but if there is a chance to think deeply then the answer might change.

The concept:

In this modern age, people commute daily several kilometers to reach their academic or work destination. Public transport and self-driven vehicles are the only hope for it but most of them never consider using a cycle for daily commute. Though it might sound practically impossible starting this habit will gradually benefit you as well. If your traveling distance is less than the cycle can be a better option but if the distance is high, you can gradually practice it. Moreover, if you have a habit of exercising an hour a day better reverse it into a cycling regular commute.

There are plenty of options like children bicyle, student bike, and many based on the usage of riders. For school and college, students’ bikes are a better option to keep them healthy and active-minded during class times. Few reasons are often stated which makes cycles a better option than a motorbike for daily commute. 

Better health:

To ensure the better health of surrounding as well as yourself cycles are the best option as they come with benefits. The health wellness of a person using cycle regularly can even be listed by a small kid that’s how popular are benefits of using bicycles. Not just physically but psychologically it is proven that people using cycles are much happier. 

Price value:

Definitely, a cycle is several times cheaper than a two-wheeler or a car and for a short distance coverage, it is the best investment as well. For someone who commutes between 5 kilometers without a second thought buys your bicycle. It is not like you’ll be handling stunt bikes for the first time on regular roads a single-speed or a geared bike of your choice can be handled initially.


Even a pre-school kid knows how eco-friendly cycles are if you are a person that bounds to nature and your surrounding then the cycles are the best option. There is no chance for pollution through bicycles even in the new model launched.

Fun and save:

Bikes are a better option for you if you wish to enjoy the moment and yet save money from running out of your hands. Tax, maintenance, repairs, fuel you don’t have to worry about anything while using them but if you wish you can wander around the whole city to fill your heart.

The above ideas might not feel applicable to sustain this modern era but these ideologies are spreading more and being different is your choice make.

Martin Dupuis