What Happens When Dental Cavities Are Left Unaddressed in Oak Lawn, IL

What Happens When Dental Cavities Are Left Unaddressed in Oak Lawn, IL

Dental cavities are a common dental issue. They can develop because of too much consumption of sugary foods and drinks, smoking, poor dental hygiene, and bacteria accumulation. Leaving cavities not removed has serious consequences. This makes regular family dental care in Oak Lawn, IL, essential.  The following are the consequences of unaddressed dental cavities:

Serious Recurring Dental Pain

An untreated dental cavity can cause you to experience pain. Often, cavities don’t hurt; however, when they become bigger, they can impact your tooth nerves or lead to a fracture. An infected tooth will be prone to sensitivity since it’s exposed. This can cause you to experience severe and ongoing pain. 

A serious toothache can disrupt your day. If you are a student, this pain can affect your learning potential. At work, this may impact your productivity or even force you to take some time off work. 

Abscessed Tooth 

Dental cavities may result in tooth abscesses, which are pockets of pus that result from a bacterial infection. Cavities that have bacteria that break down the sugar content in beverages and foods. Such consumption will result in an acid byproduct that destroys your tooth enamel. If this occurs, your tooth’s hard surfaces will be gradually destroyed. Abscesses can happen in various areas around your gums and the infected tooth. In some instances, it can grow in the adjacent teeth or the surrounding bone. In addition, the development of pus-filled swellings can lead to fever and pain. In serious cases, an abscessed tooth can become a dental sepsis. 

Gum Disease Development

When not addressed, the presence of dental cavities can cause the accumulation of a film of plaque, which contains bacteria. These bacteria may spread to the gums and cause inflammation. When your gums look red and swollen, you can experience gum bleeding, particularly whenever you brush your teeth. 

In addition, unaddressed cavities may lead to periodontitis, which is a more serious form of gum disease. This disease develops when the infection has spread to other areas in your mouth. See your dentist immediately because you could lose a tooth because of it. 

Increased Risk of Broken or Damaged Teeth

Your tooth’s surface is composed of enamel, which may break down because of tooth decay. An untreated cavity allows for the formation of holes or openings in your tooth. As the affected tooth continues to decay, the structures of your teeth can become weaker and more vulnerable to breakage. 

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