What are the risks included in Chemotherapy?

What are the risks included in Chemotherapy?
  • Chemotherapy is a drug given to patients suffering from cancer or tumors. It helps in eliminating the abnormal cancerous cells in the body.
  • Chemotherapy uses various methods and techniques to shrink the tumor and kill these cells.
  • The body is made up of billions and trillions of cells; they grow, divide and multiply.
  • Chemotherapy uses heavy doses of drugs and medications. Sometimes, the drugs start showing their impact on the normal cells. The heavy doses of these drugs on normal cells can show various side effects in the body.
  • The cost of chemotherapy is a heavy price that people need to pay; apart from these, they even witness specific side effects during and after receiving the treatment.

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We will look at different side effects that patients suffer while on their course of chemotherapy.

Common side effects of chemotherapy


Various drugs cause different side effects. There are multiple types of cancers, and each specific cancer involves different kinds of chemotherapy.

Accordingly, the different kinds of treatment show other side effects. The cost of chemotherapy and the side effects are related to the specific procedure that needs to be followed.

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Here are a few side effects of chemotherapy treatments:

  • Fatigue and Tiredness
  • Body pain
  • Headaches
  • Discomfort in muscles
  • Pain in the stomach
  • Discomfort from nerve injury resulting in burning, numbness, or shooting pains, usually in the fingers and toes.

Pain from the cause and its treatment

  • The pain associated with cancers is excruciating but gets relieved with the chemotherapy.
  • But few chemos are painful themselves, making the situation worse for the patient.
  • There are a few specific conditions that deteriorate the pain, such as nerve damage in the process of chemotherapy.
  • Other than chemotherapy to relieve the pain, other treatments are also provided.

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Here are a few methods to reduce the throbbing situation of patients suffering from cancer.

  • Providing medications related to pain relief.
  • Obstructing the pain indications from the nerves to the brain. It can be done with spinal-related treatments, also known as nerve blocks.
  • The doses of the chemotherapy can be adjusted according to the pain it is causing the patient.

Other Risks of Chemotherapy


Painful mouth sores

  • It usually happens during chemotherapy treatment. The infection in the mouth leads to such sores, which at least stay for around two weeks.
  • You can keep your teeth and mouth clean and maintain oral health to ensure that it does not budge you. You can avoid this situation by eating healthy foods.
  • During cancer treatment, oral health should be adequately taken care of to avoid other risks and complications.


  • In many chemotherapies, diarrhea is a common side effect the patients go through.
  • Chemotherapy makes the bowel movements watery and loose.
  • During the treatment, you need to stay hydrated to risk any other problems.
  • At this stage, you are not allowed to lose any of your body fluids.

Nausea and vomiting

  • Feeling nauseous is a significant side effect of any complications or ailments the body suffers.
  • During the treatment of chemotherapy, patients suffer from this condition too.
  • The dose of chemo plays an important role here, and if the patient feels nauseous, it is suggested to lower their dosage.

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When you visit a clinic, the professional teams go through a step-by-step analysis of cancer in the body of the patients.

They perform complete tests, including the blood tests, urine samples, screening, and blood count or CBC test.

The CBC test plays a vital role as it ensures the count of the white and red blood cells in the body.

There is a test related to the count of platelets in the blood.

You must have average count rates for all these tests. If your count is low, you may suffer from different side effects such as breathlessness, dizziness, constipation, etc.

The doses recommended by the health expert are according to the result and analysis of the various tests performed by your doctors.

There are many effects on the nervous system of chemotherapy as well.

A few of them are:

  • Tingling or burning sensation,
  • Weakness or coldness in the different body parts such as hands and legs.
  • Weak and painful muscles
  • Lost control in the balance
  • Having a feeling of shakiness or trembling
  • Stiff neck
  • Headache
  • Difficulty in clear vision and hearing
  • Problem in walking
  • Feeling of clumsiness

These are a few common symptoms of chemotherapy that the patients suffer.

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