What Are the Major Differences Between Veneers And Crowns?

What Are the Major Differences Between Veneers And Crowns?

Dental problems are one of the most important concerns of each person that should be treated and cared for enough to prevent more dangerous situations. People face different types of dental issues due to various circumstances and reasons, forcing them to visit their dentist as quickly as possible. Sometimes the caused dental trauma lowers the quality of your oral health and can ruin the beauty of your smile. These types of dental problems, known as cosmetic dental issues, can be fixed by a cosmetic dentist to save your oral health in addition to boosting your smile. Two of the most prevalent dental cosmetic treatments are dental veneers and crowns, which are widely performed by cosmetic dentists for different patients with various dental issues. A specialist who performs veneers in North York claims that patients who don’t require a whole new tooth but also a simple dental filling won’t fix their problems either can be great candidates to get veneers or crowns. However, dental veneers and crowns serve completely different purposes, and if you ever wonder which one may be right for you, this article can help you.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are s specific types of layers bonded to the front surface of your teeth, enhancing the function and smile greatly. Your cosmetic dentist carefully chose a variety of dental veneers suitable to your needs and matched your tooth color, making it have a natural look. Patients who are candidates for dental veneers suffer from problems like broken or chipped teeth, unevenly spaced teeth, dark, stained, or irregularly shaped teeth. A high-quality veneer can easily fix all these dental issues in several steps. First, it’s essential to visit a prosthodontist to share all your concerns and listen to his explanations about the function and advantages of dental veneers. When you decide that dental veneers are the right choice for you, the prosthodontist designs them according to your needs after all these consultations.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are different from dental veneers as they are provided in the shape of caps that fit entirely over your teeth. Patients with the requirement for dental crowns usually have problems like cracked, severely damaged, or discolored teeth. Just like dental veneers, you need to go through several steps to get dental crowns to see if you are qualified or interested in having them.

What are the advantages of dental veneers and crowns?


The benefit of dental veneers is for your appearance and function in the first step, but it’s not possible to improve the function of teeth that are beyond repair. Your cosmetic dentist probably recommends having dental crowns if your tooth is severely damaged.


Visual dental issues can significantly affect your smile, reducing your self-confidence to smile, talk and laugh in public. Both dental veneers and crowns enhance your confidence by giving you a great, shiny smile you’ve always wished for.

Remember choosing between dental veneers and dental crowns depends on you, but it’s essential to take the suggestion of your cosmetic dentist seriously.

Vincent Lalonde